SQL Backup and FTP Discounts, Coupon Codes| August 2022 Promo

Gain 10% cashback providing as the SQL Backup and FTP discount. Please see following SQL Backup and FTP image for this discount plan.

SQL Backup and FTP Discount

SQL Backup and FTP Review

SQL Backup and FTP provides the users many benefits for the users. This program will backup the data easily with this application. Users will face no issue when they use this tool and bring traffic to the site. The program will provide the users the opportunity to backup unlimited amount of number of the data in a short amount of time by just putting a run button only. Users do not need to do scheduling to run the data with this tool. It will save a lot of time. Hence, avail the reviewed powerful database backup tool with discount and obtain the SQL Backup and FTP coupon.

Benefits of the Program

SQL Backup and FTP also will also save the users from losing any kind of data in online business. The program also provides the user status on success and failure notifications based on the email confirmation. Users will be able send email confirmation easily with this tool. Users can back up not only files and folder as well. The program allows the users to back up the files to Google Drive and other online cloud service. This program also provides regular updates upon the subscription.


The program provides the users the history which will enable the users to see the backup to the site. The users also can receive email easily regarding the backup of the data. Users also will get notification when users will the server down so that users know that what they need to get the server up and running. Peoples also will be able to get notifications based on the backup of the data. So that users know the amount of data that has been backed up. The program provides the users the data encryption which will enable the users to keep the data secured all the time. Users also will get the subscription for totally lifetime. So that users will get lifetime service of this application of backing up the data.

Run Different Backup

SQL Backup and FTIP allows the users the differential backup and transaction log backup as well. When users do the full subscription, the support team of the program will stay in the contact with the users. Whenever the users face any issues, they will receive feedback from the support team to solve any problem. Since the program provides the automatic update, users will get the latest version of the program and facilities to backup their files. If the users buy membership, they will get a bigger range of data backup as well.

SQL Backup and FTP Discount and Pricing

SQL Backup and FTP has 4 different packages at the moment. The professional lifetime plan priced at only 399 dollars except the discount. The professional program is priced at only 129 dollars. The standard package is priced at only 89 dollars.  The lite package is priced at only 89 dollars.

In the conclusion, please purchase with SQL Backup and FTP discount. Afterall, get the powerful database backup tool with coupon.