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SpyStream Discount

It is possible to make any website into a list building machine. There are some useful applications, which can do this task for you. SpyStream is one of these solutions. It can monitor every visitor and assist you to add that visitor into the list.

SpyStream Features and Review

Spying on very visitor is so much important. It is possible to know their activities on your website. But, it is not possible without taking help from a powerful app. There are some apps, which can do this task efficiently. Among these solutions, SpyStream is a recommended one. After buying this solution, there is no need to purchase an additional tool to create some profitable lists. Hence, gain the reviewed high quality conversion optimization tool with discount and obtain the SpyStream coupon. Here are some major features and facilities of this product:

Video Session Recording

One of the finest features of SpyStream is its video recording capability. There can be several landing pages and other pages on your website. This video recorder will deal with each of these pages. That means, the activities of every visitor to these pages will be recorded by this tool. It can also be understood how they deal with various contents, links, sales buttons, and other links.


SpyStream also has a powerful Heatclick Technology. If some buttons, images and links are not clicked by the visitors regularly, these should be removed. By using this technology, you will be allowed to remove those contents very easily. That means, you can see the live performances of these forms, links, images, and buttons and remove any of these if necessary. There is no need to depend on any kind of split testing tools.

Advanced Analytics

Another very important feature of this solution is its video session analytics. There can be some contents which distract some visitors. This analytics solution will automatically find out these contents and help you to remove these. Sometimes, some visitors may look for some contents on your website but cannot find. SpyStream will track these items that have not been found by these visitors on your site. Then, it will be easier to add these contents very easily. Similarly, this solution provides an efficient visitor analytics and keyword filtering facility.

SpyStream Discount and Attractive Pricing

Two types of licenses are available for SpyStream. One of these is the One-Time-Payment Personal. This license can only be used on one website. As per this post creating time, you just have to pay 24 USD to purchase this license except the discount. But, it will not give any kind of reselling right. To enjoy this right, you can purchase the One-Time-Payment Unlimited License. It can be bought by paying only 29.99 USD. There is no need to buy a separate license for separate licenses for separate websites anymore. This single license of SpyStream will work for unlimited websites. Both these licenses come with an unlimited bandwidth facility.

Therefore, take with SpyStream discount. Eventually, purchase the high quality conversion optimization tool with coupon.