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Spyly Discount

Every website owner looks for more visitors. Getting more visitors is important. But, more important is to provide what they need. That means, you have to track their activities. Spyly is a powerful software that ethically monitors visitor’s activity.

Review of Spyly and Benefits

There are tons of tools and methods that are helpful for bringing more customers. But, you cannot find so many tools that can efficiently track their activities on your pages. It is possible to know about their interests by monitoring where they click and what they do on a page. That means, the heatmaps of visitors can easily be found. All you need is to purchase and use an efficient visitor tracking software. There are only a few recommendable options for this task. Spyly is one of these tools. It comes with tons of essential features. Accordingly take the reviewed powerful saas based web generating app with discount and obtain the Spyly coupon.

Mobile Friendly Solution

Though there are lots of tools that can track visitor’s activities, the most of these tools are able to track activities of visitors that uses computers. But nowadays, the majority part of visitors come from mobile devices. That is why, a visitor tracking software should be mobile friendly. Spyly is a mobile friendly solution. No matter how visitors come to the targeted websites, it will track them properly. This software is able to find out the activities depending on various elements. For example, there can be several navigation buttons on a site. It will track the interaction of visitors with each of these buttons. You may redesign the site. Spyly will track and compare visitor’s activities before and after site redesigning.


Ease of Use

Most of the visitor spying tools are very tough to use. But, this one is very easy. First of all, you have to generate tracking script. Only a few simple steps should be completed to create that script. Then, this script should be copied and pasted on the targeted website header. And then, it will start monitoring every visitor. Spyly has various types of built-in analyzers. Some of these built-in tools are geo-analyzer, top web page analyzer, and user scrolling proportion, etc.

Spyly Discount and Pricing

To track visitor’s activities, you just have to install a tracking script on every targeted size. Depending on the number of sites, a suitable license of Spyly should be bought. Its Monthly License is suitable for 99 sites. It is available for only USD 49 except the discount. Compared to this one, the Yearly Plan is more cost effective. You just have to pay USD 69 once to use this software for a whole year. More importantly, this license will allow you to download the tracking script on 999 sites. Other facilities are the same in both licenses of Spyly. During every license period, you will enjoy unlimited update and enhancement facilities.

Finally, please get with Spyly discount and avail the powerful saas based web generating app with coupon.