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Spyder Spanker coupon

Highlights of Spyder Spanker

Spyder Spanker is a WordPress plugin which is basically a bot blocking software. Most of the website has a visitor of robotic traffic and spammers. Thus, they collect information from your website and slows the bandwidth of your website. They are really harmful for your website as sometime hackers use this way to hack a website. It will put a stop on all of these. This software plugin will stop any kind of spiders, spammers, hackers and crawlers. There are both good and bad bits in the internet, but whatever all of them is not good for your website. They slow down your bandwidth. Speed up your website in a great way with this plugin. Basically, this is a WordPress plugin, any kind of WordPress websites are only compatible with this software. This software was first launched back in 2007. This is a very first software of its kind. There almost like ten thousand websites who are taking protection from SS. This software is very much reliable for any WordPress websites. This is a complete security solution for your website. Once you install this software into your WordPress website and then just do relax cause this plugin wild protect from any kind of unwanted bot traffics and from ethical hackers. Please purchase Spyder Spanker with the coupon offer. Simply follow the SS image steps and enjoy the Spyder Spanker discount.

spyder-spanker coupon

Features of the Plugin

Spyder Spanker is a security essential plugin for any kind of WordPress websites. This specific website protects your website from any kind of spyders, spammers, hackers and crawlers. This software plugin is designed to work with any kind of WordPress websites and protecting from any kind of threat to a website. They use one kind of special filter to make a selection on the bot traffic and restrict them from entering the website server. You can find tons of bot traffic which don’t really hit your website with a reason. They are just trying to make a heavy weight into your website. As long as you can protect them from entering your website your website will run smoothly. This software plugin is not like other software’s who just simply edit ROBOTS.TXT and .HTACCESS file. This software ignores this kind of editing and gives you real time protection. They have different versions of their security system, which are different in their working capability. Some can separate bandwidth from being stolen and some can protest the hackers. It gives the ultimate security system for your website traffic. Even this software protects your website from being hacked.

Pricing and Coupon of the Plugin

This is available in several versions and each of them is different from each other. There are basically three different versions. Firstly, there is a classic version. Then there is a pro version which will cost you like $19 for each month. And the premium version Nuke is available at $27 per month excluding the coupon. You will get 30 days money back guarantee if your website isn’t being protected by Spyder Spanker.

So, please get Spyder Spanker with the discount offer. Availing the Spyder Spanker coupon will get you this marvelous product at a much affordable price.