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Sprout Apps Products and Review

Some companies always think about the quality of their products. Quantity is not the main concern of any of them. One of such brands is the Sprout Apps. This company offers only a few premium plugins for the WordPress. All these products are unique, impressive and useful. And most importantly, you don’t have to pay much for any of those. In this short review, I have mentioned the main features and pricing of those plugins. So, please get the WordPress Invoicing Plugin with coupon and have Sprout Apps discount. Let’s have a look at those:

Impressive Invoicing Plugin

When you will run an online business, you will need to provide the invoices to the customers. This thing is very important to have the payments from them. For this purpose, you can choose the invoicing plugin of the Sprout Apps. This product offers all the features one may look for from this type of tools. It can instantly create the invoices and provide those to the customers. The new beautiful looking template has been added into this. And you create custom templates depending on the theme you use on your WordPress site. The Sprout Invoices can work with more than three hundred different apps. Impressive notification system is another good feature of this product.

The Billing Add-on

With the invoicing plugin above, you can use the Sprout Billings add-on. This product will make the payment experience of the clients more impressive. It can save the credit card and transaction info of the customers. Each of the clients will be allowed to add more payment sources. Among those they can make the default sources. This Sprout Apps product offers the easiest way to handle partial payments and to collect the payments.

Sprout Apps coupon

Lead Management Solution

The complete lead management solution of the Sprout Apps is the Sprout Clients. This product will deal with the contact lists such a way that you will get a larger number of new clients. That means, this is the lead generation plugin for WordPress. It can be integrated with the other products of the same brand. Impressive lead filtering is another important feature of this product.

Pricing of These Tools and Coupon

All these WordPress plugins of Sprout Apps have been offered for affordable costs. The Freelancer License of the Sprout Invoices can be purchased by $79 except coupon only. And the Business Edition of this tool supports the digital signatures and several business add-ons. Price of this one is only 139$ as per 25 January 2016. With the business edition of this product, you can also purchase the Sprout Billings add-on as a bundle. In that case, the cost will be 189.95 USD. You can also purchase that add-on separately by 159.95 USD. Costs for the Freelancer License and Business bundles of Sprout Clients are 59.95 USD and 99.95 USD. The business bundle of this Sprout Apps Plugin has the integrated messaging solution.

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