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Split Test Monkey discount

Review of Split Test Monkey

Website owners can earn huge money from their websites. Many of them feel that they are earning much. But if they do not use split test, then it is not possible for them to understand the loss. Due to lack of this test, huge portion of potential revenue will be dropped. So, it is very much essential to pick efficient split testing software. There are some very strong solutions for this purpose. One of those is Split Test Monkey. This software is not that much old one, but efficiency and pricing have made it strongly recommendable. If you conclude Split Test Monkey coupon is very much essential, we can request you please have it with marvelous discount in 2020. Here are some amazing features and facilities of this software:

Different Testing Options

Split Testing can be done by so many software or tools. But most of those only offers few types of testing. Split Test Monkey offers all of those. A/B Dynamic Snippet is one of the testing methods offered by this software. All kinds of on page elements can be tested with this method. It can check variations of each elements which are shown to the visitors. URL/Webpage testing is another task which can be done by Split Test Monkey. For judging performance of various layouts, designs, and color schemes, this technique is very effective. Both of these types of testing are effective. You can choose any one of those depending on situations. But in general, Split URL testing shows very high performance.

Split Test Monkey discount

Reasonable Pricing Plan and Discount

Compare to the features, pricing of Split Test Monkey is very attractive. According to this post creation time, price of Pro License of this product is only 37 USD except discount. By paying this little amount, you are getting a software which offers three different ways of implementing split testing. One of those is Auto Optimizer. This is automated solution. You just have to set the test rules and forget. Then this program will control everything automatically. Another option is Conversion Race. This one can work depending on conversion rate and it is perfect for dealing with more visitors. And Manual Mode is also added to Split Test Monkey. It will give your full power to have control on any split testing campaign.

Other Common Features

After purchasing Pro account of Split Test Monkey some basic features will be offered. Most important one of those is, you can work with unlimited number of split tests. So, for all your domains, only one software will be enough. Similarly, this product is also work with unlimited visitors. There will be no necessity to spend much time for this software. Everything should be set up first and then it will do with its autopilot mode. Based on selected criteria, it can automatically choose most effective testing method. Split Test Monkey offers very fast reporting technology. So decision making will be boosted up by this software.

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