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Spark Hire Coupon

Nowadays, video interviewing has become an effective way to get quality employees. You have to use an efficient tool to handle such sessions. Spark Hire is the first choice of lots of employers to deal with video interviews.

Spark Hire Review and Features

There is no need to depend on conventional methods of getting quality employees in an organization. You can reach more candidates with ease. And then, you can ask them to face interview sessions from their locations. That means, no physical place is required to organize a viva voce. Spark Hire is a suitable tool to deal with this task. It is a video interview broadcaster and organizer solution. Hence, please take the reviewed powerful video interviewing solution with coupon and obtain the Spark Hire discount. Here are some of its major features and benefits:

Supports Various Interviews

There are various types of interviews. Spark Hire supports almost every type of these interviews. Suppose, you have a set of questions. These questions should be delivered to the job seekers. This solution will help to create these questions in a video or text format. And then, candidates will answer these questions in self-made videos. Then, this software will gather their videos and present to you. To answer each of the questions, it is able to set a time to think. Similarly, the length of answers can also be set by it. Spark Hire is able to handle live interviews also. This solution will help you to record the full interview sessions of candidates. You will also be allowed to brand your interviews with ease. Different types of browsers can be used to broadcast these interviews.

Spark Hire


Spark Hire Coupon and Amazing Pricing

There are three different licenses for Spark Hire. The Bronze License can be bought by paying only USD 99 per month without the promo code. This one is capable of dealing with unlimited interviews for a particular job. And, it supports 10 user seats. You have to pay only USD 209 per month to access its Silver License. Unlimited sessions can be handled by it for 5 different jobs. Similarly, Spark Hire Gold License is available for only 499 USD per month. This license is able to handle unlimited interviews for unlimited jobs. It supports 10 user seats also. Instead of paying monthly for these licenses, you can pay annually too. All these licenses allow to record and brand interviews with ease.

Performance Evaluation

Recording and storing interviews is not the only important tasks that can be done by this solution. It also helps to evaluate the candidate performances. Interviewers may have various ratings and comments regarding every participant. Depending on these comments and ratings, this solution will help to make an evaluation. Then, you will be able to create shortlists very easily. Every candidate will be asked to send their documents. This software will help to set some rejection reasons. And then, Spark Hire will send rejection emails to the rejected candidates. Its interview collaboration facility is quite good too.

Therefore, please gain with Spark Hire coupon and have the powerful video interviewing solution with discount.