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SociTrafficJet Discount

Review of SociTrafficJet

Traffic is the most vital and important part for all sorts of online activities. Whether an individual is a blogger, businessmen or salesperson, all these professions need traffic to survive. In the modern age, everyone uses the internet, thus, there will always be availability of traffic. However, the difficult part is, directing such massive traffic to users’ sites as it requires tons of effort. Therefore, to put an end to traffic drought, the application SociTrafficJet is available to provide users with effective traffic-harvesting techniques. SociTrafficJet delivers users with different categories of online audiences and visitors from all over highly popular social sites. In such way, have the reviewed social media traffic generation wordpress plugin with discount and purchase the SociTrafficJet coupon.

Traffic Sources

SociTrafficJet lets users create as many campaigns as they want in order to grab traffic from all over social-media sites. The software provides a built-in app called Traffic Finder to seek groups with large audiences on Facebook. In that way finding traffic becomes an easy and automatic task for the users. To start off with the software, users have to add their keywords to the system and just put their URL. This step is required to direct traffic in the users’ direction with the keywords being implemented. Next, users are needed to choose the social sites from where they would like to target their customers. And finally¸ after completing selection, the software will go into an active mode to begin attracting potential traffic.


Report Logs, Dashboard and More

SociTrafficJet have trainings available to make sure that users never get into any kind of complication with the software. Anybody can operate this software as there is no specific skill requirement or qualification needed. The dashboard is clean and simple, allowing users to work extremely smoothly. Campaign managements, page selection, and other customization can all be done through the dashboard. User can schedule when to post and promote contents through the software’s scheduler. Past campaigns that were made before along with new ones can be previewed and edited. At the end of the day, users can check their performance and statistics through the report log.

SociTrafficJet Discount and Price Plans

SociTrafficJet provides two kinds of licenses: Single Site, and Unlimited Site. Users looking to manage and work with only one website can purchase the Single Site package for $9.95. And, the users who want to get access to limitless numbers of site license can obtain Unlimited Site for $49.95 without the discount. During the initial four weeks, if things don’t work out as planned with SociTrafficJet, users can immediately contact for refund.

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