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SociLead Messenger Coupon

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social platforms of this world. On this platform, you can find so many customers. It is very important to communicate with these customers through commenting and messaging. SociLead Messenger is a powerful solution, which will help you to communicate with very easily.

SociLead Messenger Review and Features

Some people always eager to find out new customers from their Facebook fan pages and groups. But after getting these customers, they forget one important thing. That thing is to communicate them regularly. Facebook provides different ways of communication. For example, you can chat with so many people. Similarly, you can communicate them thorough commenting and replying. These processes are very easy to execute if you want to deal with a few people. But, it is not that easy if the number of people is so big. In such a case, SociLead Messenger is very much effective. Accordingly please take the reviewed complete FB messenger marketing tool with coupon and obtain the SociLead Messenger discount.

Advanced Auto-commenting

Suppose, you have a very popular Facebook fan page. On that page, there can be thousands of comments on different posts. It is very tough to reply to all these comments. But, every customer wants to get a reply to his comment. To handle this issue, SociLead Messenger comes with an efficient auto-commenting tool. You can set some replies in it. Depending on the keywords of every comment, it can post the suitable replies automatically. Similarly, this software also has a private reply facility. A private reply can directly be sent to their inboxes to promote some exclusive offers. SociLead Messenger is capable of tagging the commenter while giving a reply.

SociLead Messenger

Affordable License and SociLead Messenger Coupon

Though this software is capable of dealing with a big number of customers, you don’t have to pay much for it. As of 7 May 2018, the price of this product is only 30.95 USD without the coupon. This license will allow you to deal with 100 sites at a time. You can integrate with only one Facebook account. But, the good news is it supports unlimited fan pages. There is no limit in replying and commenting by SociLead Messenger. That means, you will be able to make unlimited comments and comment replies by using it. There is a 30-day money back guarantee with this software.

Some Advanced Facilities

SociLead Messenger is capable of hiding the page comments so that no other person can see those comments. This feature will restrict others to hijack your customers very easily. Similarly, this software will let you delete the comments with ease. While commenting or replying, you may need to use some images, videos, and animations. SociLead Messenger will use such content. This software can add the live chatting facility to one hundred websites. That means, there is no need to login to your Facebook account to chat with the customers anymore.

Therefore, please obtain with SociLead Messenger coupon and purchase the complete FB messenger marketing tool with discount.