SociClicks Discount: Gain Special Coupon Offer and Review

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SociClicks discount

Facebook and other social networks are widely used for the social communication. And, these networks are also used for promoting different kinds of products, offers, and businesses. SociClicks is a powerful solution to bring more traffic from these social media. This solution is recommended to all kinds of business owners and marketers.

Features and Review of SociClicks

You may upload some videos and images on Facebook. These posts get some likes and comments. That means, these users click on these posts. You can take the advantage of this feature of Facebook. It is possible to turn these users into the visitors of your websites and offers. But, this task is very tough to do manually. To complete this task efficiently, you can take help from SociClicks. This solution is capable of converting different social networks into some traffic generating machine. So, take the reviewed comprehensive social network traffic generator software with discount and have the SociClicks coupon. Here are some major features and benefits of this software:

Supports Different Networks

This social media marketing solution is capable of dealing with multiple social networks. These networks are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. After logging in to SociClicks, you will be able to connect all these networks very easily. Manual log-in is required only for one time. After that, this software should be connected with different social media groups, pages, and boards. SociClicks comes with an efficient image searching facility. For making different posts on the social media, it is very important to use some images. This software will help you to do so with ease. It also provides an image editor, which is capable of customizing different kinds of images. You can crop and resize any image very easily. And, some texts and call-to-action buttons can also be added to these photos.

Control Every Campaign

SociClicks is helpful for controlling every running campaign with ease. It will show each running campaign in one place. Sometimes, you may need to edit some existing projects. This software is capable of doing so. Similarly, it can also help to clone any existing campaign very quickly. This software offers an analytics facility. By using this facility, you can easily find out the profitable campaigns. Then, these campaigns can be cloned very easily to generate some other profitable projects.

SociClicks discount

Pricing Option and Discount

As per 20 October 2017, SociClicks has two different licenses. Its monthly license is available for only 9.99 USD/month except the discount. This one comes with all the features discussed till now. But, a huge number of people like the Lifetime License of this product. To purchase this one, only 29.95 USD should be paid. Both these licenses come with an auto-posting facility. That means, there is no need to post on different social media pages manually every time. SociClicks Lifetime License includes a priority support facility. Its customer support team will respond in just 30 minutes. This software is strongly recommended to all kinds of affiliate marketers, eCom marketers, and list builders.

Therefore, obtain with SociClicks discount. Eventually, please purchase the comprehensive social network traffic generator software with coupon.