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SocialProof Coupon

Even a top quality website may not engage more people if that does not have additional facilities. For an example, you have to add a proper notification system to every site. SocialProof is capable of adding such a facility with ease.

Review of SocialProof

There are various method and tools to drive a big traffic to a site. But, that does not mean these visitors will be converted into customers. So many sites are there that offers them what they want. But, they do not purchase from each of those. Actually, people want to be treated well. Whenever a visitor comes to a website, he looks for an engaging thing. You can use a suitable notification system to attract them instantly. SocialProof comes with such a system. This solution is very helpful in creating and displaying notifications. So, please get the reviewed powerful internet marketing tool with coupon and obtain the SocialProof discount.

Notification Creation

Nowadays, almost every professional website shows various notifications. These notifications are useful for conveying important messages. For example, these can be used to show welcome messages to visitors. Unlike other notification creating tools, SocialProof is able to create a notification within a few minutes. Just a few easy steps should be completed to create one. Creating these things is not the only important thing. Along with that, you have to display these in different attractive manners. In doing so, this software supports various display rules. That means, you will select when and how to show a message on a page. SocialProof supports the white-label facility. With every notification, you are allowed to show your brand name, logo, and other identities.


Easy Integration

This software is very easy to integrate with PHP, HTML, and WordPress, etc. No technical skill is required to handle it. Just copy and paste a few lines of code to add notifications and impressions on a site. These contents will be fully responsive to any device screen. After adding these things, you have to analyze the conversion rate. No additional tool is necessary for that. The tool comes with top quality conversion tracking solution.

SocialProof Coupon and Pricing

SocialProof has three different licenses. Its Personal License is available for only USD 27 excluding the coupon. It supports each and every notifications. By using it, you can run 10 campaigns per month. And, it supports 100 notifications and 1000 impressions. The Standard Plan can deal with 100 projects per month. This one can be bought by paying only USD 37. Sometimes, users may need to work with more campaigns. The SocialProof Unlimited is suitable to them. To access this one, only USD 47 should be paid as one-time fee. It supports unlimited campaigns, notifications, and impressions.

In the conclusion, please get with SocialProof coupon and purchase the powerful internet marketing tool with discount.