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SocialOomph Discount

Increasing the social media productivity has become more important in recent years. By using the power of some social networks, you can get more customers and profit as well. To do this task more conveniently, my suggestion is to use SocialOomph. This is a well-known social media productivity booster.

SocialOomph Review and Features

If you want to get more out of any social network, then different tasks should be done. First of all, you have to make some regular feeds. And, these feeds should be posted in time. Keyword tracking and some other tasks should be done later. It is not easy to do all these tasks manually. But, if several accounts should be controlled, then things will become almost impossible to complete manually. SocialOomph has come with a solution to this problem. This solution can automatically maintain multiple social accounts. Therefore acquire with SocialOomph coupon and purchase the social media automation tool with discount.

Some Core Features

SocialOomph is capable of working with different social networks. Some of these networks are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Plurk, etc. For each of these social networks, this software has some separate features. Some features are common in all these networks. For example, this software has a scheduled post facility. And, it can do so for unlimited posts. Sometimes, you may need to use the same texts repeatedly. SocialOomph will allow to save these texts as drafts. For this reason, there will be no need to retype these texts over and over again. Keyword tracking is another important feature of this software. It has a very powerful security engine to protect every integrated social media accounts.


Pricing Facility and SocialOomph Discount

There is nothing to worry about the pricing of this product. Before paying anything for it, you can use it for 7 days as a trial. After that, it can be upgraded to SocialOomph Professional by paying a little amount. As per 8 February 2018, only 17.97 USD should be paid to access this paid edition without any kind of promo code. All the basic and advanced features are added to this edition. But many people may need to deal with Twitter only. If you are one of them, then a subset of this software is recommended. SocialOomph Twitter Unlimited can be accessed by paying only 6.97 USD. There is no need to go for any long term commitment to enjoy this solution. The license can be cancelled anytime.

Some Additional Facilities

I have already mentioned some core features of this software. It also provides some advanced features. For example, it can work with unlimited Twitter accounts. Sometimes, you may need to take help from any assistant to manage these accounts. That is why, SocialOomph provides an effective data management console. You can assign several employees for any campaign. This data management console will allow you to control any project through these employees. This software is also capable of working with some drip-feed social accounts.

In such way, please purchase the reviewed social media automation tool with coupon and obtain the SocialOomph discount.