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Social Interest Freak discount

Social Interest Freak and the Review

Social Interest Freak is defined as a Facebook software program. With this tool, there is the opportunity to laser-target the Facebook ad campaigning process. This crucial term is handled here in an effective way without facing any single limitation. This has assured all the latest technologies in this program. This Facebook targeting tool is very helpful for the professional marketers. It allows any user to uncover the behaviour, interest, demographics and other advance level targets. Besides, it has the capability to combine all of them in a single issue. So, please get the FB audience targeting software with discount and have Social Interest Freak coupon.

Why Users Like This?

Social Interest Freak is very helpful for the beginner level users who want to gain the same power like professional advertisers. To establish the targeting process on Facebook ads, this can help a lot. It uses latest FB API which is mainly developed for the developers. So, all the latest technologies are standing in front of your doors. The features under this tool was only limited to corporate level advertisers at the beginning time. At the period, a lot of companies spent a huge amount of money on FB for assuring marketing criteria. But now, these limitations have been removed. In fact; small business firms as well as the entrepreneurs can use this product.

Social Interest Freak discount

Core Summary on Features List

Social Interest Freak includes all the advanced level features for Facebook marketing. With this tool, you will get an opportunity to focus on the targeted audience. To enable this process, there exist some specified options. Besides, you can omit the details section for pre-set interest under Ads manager. To tune up the ad campaign inside Facebook, Social Interest Freak issues some helpful conditions. Here, you can establish some demographic parameters. To pick up the interest, this allows some defined options. To get an idea about the targeted audience size, this is very helpful for any marketer. Moreover, you can save a lot of targets for further use.

Pricing Level of SIF and Discount

Social Interest Freak offers three different packages. These are: Light, Standard and Pro. To get Light version, you need to pay only $97 except the discount. This is valid for a single license. To purchase Standard package, only $147 is needed to pay. This package is rapidly used by the marketers. This is valid for 3 different licenses. For purchasing Pro package, $247 is needed to pay. This package is supportive for 25 licenses. All of these packages are valid with some common features. You will observe premium support inside every single package.

So we hope you can easily get with Social Interest Freak discount. Please buy the facebook audience targeting software with coupon.