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SNMP Data Logger Discount

In an IP Network, there can be different devices. These devices can share different information with one another. In doing so, the Simple Network Management Protocol or SNMP is used. There are some tools which can log the data exchanged through this protocol. SNMP Data Logger is one of these tools.

Review of the SNMP Data Logger

Though we use different devices in an IP network, we forget to use a data logger. But, it is very important to collect this data logger for performing different operations. AGG Software Company is a famous brand for providing various types of data logger tools. One of its best tools is the SNMP Data Logger. This tool is capable of dealing with the Simple Network Management Protocol very impressively. Like all other tools of this company, this one is packed with features and is very much affordable. In such way, please obtain the reviewed network management protocol based software with discount and avail the SNMP Data Logger coupon.

Some Basic Features

SNMP Data Logger is capable of receiving all kinds of text and binary data. Similarly, it will receive the ASCII data very efficiently. It is an advanced solution, which supports unlimited SNMP agents. And, it can consider multiple agents at a time. Similarly, this software also supports unlimited SNMP variables. The SNMP Data Logger comes with a log rotation and log deletion facility. You will be able to access the log file entirely. That is why, not a single piece of data will be overlooked.

SNMP Data Logger Discount and Pricing Options

As I said earlier, SNMP Data Logger comes with some affordable pricing facilities. It has three different licenses. The Standard License of this product can be purchased by paying only 65 USD without the discount. All the features discussed till now are available in this product. Some people may need some data export and event plugins with this software. In such a case, the Professional License is strongly suggested. To purchase this one, only 110 USD should be paid. Along with all the features of this license, the Enterprise License comes with some data filter plugins. According to this post creating time, you have to pay 140 USD for it. You can also get some additional paid services like remote deployment and priority email support with any of these licenses.

Some Additional Plugins

Different types of plugins are available with the Professional and Enterprise licenses of SNMP Data Logger. One of these plugins will allow you to export any data to different types of databases. Some of these databases are Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL. Sometimes, you may need to export the data directly to a Microsoft Excel file. In such a case, SNMP Data Logger is very impressive too. Its Enterprise License comes with some data filter plugins to export only the desired data. That means, you will be able to avoid every less significant data while exporting.

Therefore, kindly purchase with SNMP Data Logger discount and have the network management protocol based software with coupon.