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Smartsupp Coupon

A live chat solution can be of different types. Some advanced solution also provides a video recording facility. Smartsupp is one of these solutions. It will engage the visitors for a longer time. At the same time, it will record the video of what every visitor is doing.

A Small Review of Smartsupp

Nowadays, it is very tough to find a sector having very low competition. No matter what type of product or service you want to provide online, there exists a huge competition. That is why, you have to understand what a potential customer wants. Offering a live chatting facility is a good option. By chatting with a potential customer, it is possible to convert him into an actual customer. This important task can be done with the help of a simple live chat solution like Smartsupp. So obtain the reviewed powerful live chat conversations software with coupon and gain the Smartsupp discount. Let’s have a look at its main features and facilities:

Real Time Chatting

Smartsupp is helpful for any kind of real-time chatting. First of all, it can send automated message to any visitor. Whenever any visitor will ask anything, it will send you automated notification. Then, it will be possible to start the conversation with that visitor very quickly. This software will provide a mobile app. This app will allow you to chat with any visitor through a mobile phone. There are some solutions, which offer a rigid chat box. But, Smartsupp will make a chat box suitable with the design of your website. This powerful live chat software is compatible with the Google Analytics.


Efficient Screen Recording

It is very important to understand the behavior of a visitor. In doing this task, you have to watch what a visitor does on your website. Smartsupp is capable of doing this task very easily. It will track every mouse movement and click. That is why, it will be very easy to understand the visitors’ interests. After buying this solution, there is no need to buy other solutions for different website platforms. This single solution is capable of working with any website of any platform, including WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop.

Smartsupp Coupon and Pricing

One free license and two paid licenses are available for Smartsupp. Its Free Plan is capable of dealing with unlimited chat conversations and agents. But, this license can only keep the chatting records of only two weeks. The Standard Edition of this software is available for only $8/month for one agent. It comes with an unlimited chat recording facility. Automatic message sending, screen video recording, and other facilities are added to this product. Smartsupp Pro License can be purchased by expensing only $19/month per agent except the coupon. It comes with even more powerful features. It will allow you to create some groups of agent. A high load dashboard is another important facility of it.

Finally, we can say that please take with Smartsupp coupon. Afterall, please purchase the powerful live chat conversations software with discount.