SmartSerialMail Coupon: Exclusive Discount Offer in 2022

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Create Personalized Mail Using SmartSerialMail

Sometimes it becomes very much essential to create personalized serial mails. You may also need to make the newsletter. For doing so it is better to take help from the reliable software. But for this important task, it is not logical to depend on any free tool. You must purchase a product which will help you with this. The tool perhaps one of the best choice for this. It is one of the leading email marketing tools of the world. So many features have been offered by this software and our coupon offer made all these cheap to get. In this post, first the pricing of this tool and then the features have been mentioned.

Amazing Pricing Options and Coupon

It has come with different pricing plans. That is why this product is suitable for all sorts of email marketers. First of all the Small Business Edition of this software should be mentioned. This license has been offered for the small projects and campaigns. Before 2017, the price for this one is only $49.95. Enterprise Edition of this product has come with two packages. The Single User License of this edition can be purchased by $139.95 excluding the coupon. On the other hand, the 5-User License of it is available for $419.95. Multiple bundles are also available which include the Enterprise Edition also. As an example, you can purchase the SEPA Transfer and SmartSerialMail Enterprise Edition as a package. In that case, the necessary cost for you will be $213.95 only.

Some Major Features

Both editions of SmartSerialMail have some common and important features. This software has the internal database where the necessary recipient information will be saved. So there will not be any need of depending on external servers. It can create and work with different user profiles. That is why you will enjoy managing your emailing campaigns. It has the capability to import the list from the Microsoft Outlook. Also, it can import the list from any other sources. It will let you re-use the email addresses for multiple campaigns. The data maintenance feature of this email marketing tool is very much advanced. It will let you edit the list according to your necessity. Use our SmartSerialMail discount to have this advanced product.

Enterprise Edition Advantages

We have mentioned the pricing of Small Business and Enterprise editions of the SmartSerialMail before. From there it can be seen that the Enterprise edition price is comparatively high. There are reasons behind that. This version has the ability to work with the CC-email addresses of all the targeted recipients of the campaign. From any kind of active directory, this software can import the necessary addresses. Fastest recipient list updating capability is one of the biggest advantages of this solution. It can take help from the external sources to update the list. Advanced filtering option is another important feature of the this Enterprise.

So, use our discount offer to send automatic emails to a large quantity of recipients. The SmartSerialMail coupon will save you some good money.