SmartrMail Coupon: Grab Discount on Email Marketing Solution

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SmartrMail Coupon

Review of SmartrMail

Email marketing is effective only if the delivered mails are relatable and are good at persuading audiences. Audiences won’t bother to make any purchases if the marketing email lacks persuasion and personalization. Hence, SmartrMail counters these issues by delivering personalization tools to increase users’ product sales. SmartrMail is revenue focused, therefore, users’ sales are optimized by the software and delivered to their customers. Simultaneously, this software is also product focused where the perfectly fitted items are delivered. Through this smart marketing tactic, this system has generated over forty-five million revenues. There are nine exclusive tools available along with Blog, Case Studies, and Integration section. Case Studies includes a breakdown of different successful product sales such as Skin Care, Toys etc. So, please take the reviewed responsive e-commerce email marketing solution with coupon and obtain the SmartrMail discount.

Recommendation Email, Email Template

SmartrMail’s Auto-Recommendation function analyses customers’ previously purchased the product and records the purchase pattern and behavior history. A list of products are then created after analyzing each customer’s purchase history. The auto-recommendation function, then provides the recommended products list for users to be emailed to their customers. Users can check their sales through the auto-recommendation’s real-time reporting screen which includes, total revenue, subscribers etc. Email standards are important, and thus, predefined emailing templates are provided for users to apply. These templates have separate space for inserting images, adding text and all other sales information. Users also have the freedom to design their own templates if they don’t like the default template format. There’s also an email statistics graph and report display, which shows the click rates, successfully delivered emails etc.


Abandoned Cart Emails, Newsletter

Sometimes customers might forget to complete their purchases and leave their selected items in the cart. This can be a huge loss to users’ business if multiple customers forget to complete their product purchase. This’s why SmartrMail has introduced their Abandoned-Cart Emails which re-sends a reminder email to customers. Customers will receive their follow-up emails whenever they leave products in their cart for a long time. The system tracks users’ customers, and whenever carts are left with products inside, auto-abandoned emails are delivered. Finally, users can always engage with their customers by sending them product newsletters. Users will get automated newsletter from the software by simply typing the name of the product.

SmartrMail Coupon and Price Plans

SmartrMail has three packages, and users can free-trial the software at Shopify, WooCommerce and more. Basic Plan is a $29 monthly package which emails recommended items to five thousand subscribers except the coupon. Advance Plan is $99, and it emails recommendation products to minimum five-thousand and maximum two-hundred fifty thousand subscribers. Lastly, Enterprise Plan allows email recommendation items to more than two-hundred fifty thousand subscribers for $1999. The free-trial session lasts for fifteen days and it’s available for all plans.

Therefore, please obtain with SmartrMail coupon and have the responsive e-commerce email marketing solution with discount.