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SiteGuarding discount

We all know about the importance of protecting a website. But many website owners do not know the importance of protecting their sites strongly. There are some solutions which can do this task. SiteGuarding is one of these solutions. This online service comes with different kinds of facilities.

Review and Features of SiteGuarding

Website building is not a difficult task. But making that popular is a very difficult task. People spend much time and effort to ensure a huge traffic for any website. But if your site gets hacked once, all these efforts may lose. That means, that site may lose a huge portion of traffic. This is one of the reasons why, the use of a website security solution is very much necessary. There are some popular names for this kind of service. SiteGuarding is one of these names. So, please purchase the powerful website antivirus monitoring & security tools with discount and have SiteGuarding coupon. From here you can get some very important services. Let’s have a look at these services:

Securing the Sites

There are so many reasons why a website can be affected by hacker attacks and viruses. It is not easily possible to eliminate these reasons completely. For this reason, you have to use an efficient protection program on any site. SiteGuarding offers a very powerful website protection facility. This solution is can eliminate all types of viruses from every page of a website. An important thing is, it can work with unlimited pages of the websites. Similarly, this service can work against all types of hacking attempts. And it can continuously do so. That is why, you website will never be hacked.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Discount

The Basic Plan of website protection service of SiteGuarding can be enjoyed by paying only 6.95 EUR/month. This one is strongly recommended for the small personal sites. It is capable of working with up to 10 thousand files. The Standard License of this solution can be purchased by paying only 9.95 EUR per month. It comes with the powerful Website Antivirus Pro and has an ability to analyze up to 25 thousand files. Premium License of this solution is available for 19.95 EUR/month. But mentioned all of the price excluding discount. 100 thousand files can be analyzed by this service.

SiteGuarding discount


SiteGuarding also charges very little for its Malware Removal Service. You can access it by paying only 100 EUR. And for the website hosting facility of this company, only 13.95 EUR should be paid in a month. These services can be applied to the sites of WordPress, Drupal, and Magento etc.

Some Other Services

Along with the website protection service, SiteGuarding also provides secure web hosting and malware removal services. The malware removal service of this company is of two types. One is a general service which takes up to 24 hours to remove the malware. An emergency service is also there to remove every malware within just 3 hours. SiteGuarding Secured Web Hosting comes with full website backup and antivirus facilities.

So, please purchase with SiteGuarding discount. Buy the powerful website antivirus monitoring & security tools with coupon.