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Review of the SiteAutoBackup

Are you looking for the company which offers the comprehensive cPanel backup service? It will not be very difficult to find such company. But several things should be remembered before choosing any of those. First of all, you have to check the reliability of the service provider. By observing the popularity, you can get the idea of the reliability. The features of the services should also be considered. And of course, you have to know the pricing of the services and compare that to others. Depending on all these things, we can recommend you the SiteAutoBackup. Impressive facilities are offered by this company by completely affordable costs. So, please get the WHM backup service with discount and avail SiteAutoBackup coupon. Here are the main facilities:

Hosting Account Backup

We all know that most of the hosting providers offer the disaster recovery service. That means, after the server fails, you will get your files back. But you may face problems if your own site has some issues. Most of those web hosting providers do not offer the singe account restore facility. The SiteAutoBackup offers this facility to the customers. And everything included in the targeted websites can be backed by this this service. So you don’t have to worry about the databases, web files and emails anymore. All you need to use the cPanel password with respective username. And this service of SiteAutoBackup will do the rest.

SiteAutoBackup discount

Secure Your Business

If you are a reseller then the respective backup service of SiteAutoBackup will impress you a lot. Most of the times, the resellers should depend much on the providers. But this product will eliminate this problem. It will help you to create backups of your sites with your own. The backup service of this company can work on any kind of servers like dedicated servers and VPS. This SiteAutoBackup only needs the WHM login details for its works. With the help of this one, you can back up all the cPanel accounts or only the selected ones.

Affordable Pricing Options and Discount

If you want to back up the emails, websites, domain and unlimited accounts, then there are two options. One of those is the 5 GB Backup Account which can be enjoyed by paying 19.50USD/year. If only 5 GB space is not enough for you, then the 25 GB Backup Account may be appropriate. For this product, you have to pay 49.50USD only without the discount. These packs of SiteAutoBackupsupport unlimited backup files. These support all types of servers. If you need to offer your own control panel backup service, then there are two options also. One of those is the 50 GB Private Label Starter and the other one is 500 GB Private Label Pro. The prices of these are 99.50USD and 490USD respectively as per this post writing time. These licenses will allow you to create different plans for your own backup. Access to API is another nice feature of these products of SiteAutoBackup.

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