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Standard 5 License

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SimpleSYN Coupon

SimpleSYN and the Review on this

In the modern life, the computer system is an essential part. Without the positive support of the computer system, we won’t be able to maintain all the needed tasks in a simple manner. In the computer system, we can use various types of data with the proper synchronization system. For managing the synchronization system of the outlook data among multiple computers, SimpleSYN is a dependable program. The outlook data synchronization process is very simple through the touch of this. It offers the synchronization system through simple and the secured way with the real time timing format. Therefore, gain with SimpleSYN discount and please have the powerful synchronization solution with coupon.

Main Functions offered by this

Through the support of SimpleSYN, the users can easily manage the synchronizing system of the outlook among multiple computers that are located under any networking system or the independent location. This is considered as a flexible sync program for the outlook and it is used almost by all the companies, government offices, teams, freelancers and so on. Besides, the synchronization process of the outlook emails, contacts, calendars and the notes can be handled through SimpleSYN. These steps are performed in a secured way and the user defining commands.


Available Products and Features

SimpleSYN Standard: To synchronize the outlook in an automatic process through the local network, this program is very helpful. This is an ideal solution for all the small companies and the single users who are mainly looking for synchronizing task in an automatic process and in a secured way.

Besides, these processes are handled through the local network like LAN, VPN and WLAN. These synchronizing systems are performed in the background section of Windows. The direction process and the types of the synchronizing system are managed through proper set up system. Here, the security system is ensured through the digital encryption method. It ensures some flexible features like simple interface system, exchange system of the optimal data, conflict management process, security mode, status overview, delete the outlook of the duplicates and so on.

This is a helpful solution having the professional level functions and activities. It offers the data exchange system and the filter function through the worldwide method. Without using the cloud based activities, the outlook synchronizing system can be processed here. This offers the effective filtering function and the flexible user administration section.  It supports Windows version of 8 and the Outlook version of 2013 having 32-bit/64-bit.

The Pricing Section and SimpleSYN Coupon

To purchase SimpleSYN Standard, you need to pay $39.90. This can be allowed for 2 licenses. After that, SimpleSYN Business can be purchased through the price of $69.90 and it is allowed for 2 PCs without the promo code offer.

Hence, please buy the reviewed powerful synchronization solution with discount in 2022 and obtain the SimpleSYN coupon.