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ShopMozo Discount

ShopMozo Review

ShopMozo is an application that will help users to create an affiliate store in short time. Creating a store requires a lot of sophisticated coding skills. According to a research conducted, it is found that most of the customers do not purchase online because they do not feel it safe. So it is everyone’s wish to create a lucrative store to avoid cart abandonment. Now turn your imagination to reality in some fast faced process. ShopMozo provides an easy way to design an affiliate store. Therefore, get with ShopMozo coupon and please buy the cloud based affiliate store builder software with discount.

Amenities of Using ShopMozo

When we think about designing, we think about premium fancy themes. How I am going to get views on my site? If I do not have nice theme will people visit my site? And many more questions. Leading this question makes you pay for premium themes. Now themes are not an easy deal. Every single theme has a single price set normally. Now let’s talk about an affiliate marketer’s perspective. You as an affiliate marketer will not like to spend money for fancy theme. We all know people who does not want to invest too much does affiliate marketing.


Only one out of three affiliate marketer become successful in the market. Keeping these things in mind, you would never like to spend money for a premium theme. So to solve the problem of designing the store, ShopMozo brings easier way than this. Now user can get the premium designed website by just putting the information about the site. The whole work is automatically done by ShopMozo.

As an affiliate marketer, the road is quite tough. It is true that there are a lot of millionaires doing affiliate marketing. However, adding the products manually to the site. Adding the product reviews after doing hours and hours of research. Putting the SEO marketing skill on the test. It does not make the process simpler at all. ShopMozo on the other hand, offers to update all the top ranked products in the list from Amazon. It curates the review videos for user so there is no need to make video at all. The store user will get will mobile responsive. It will be SEO optimized.

Viral FB Traffic

We all know that the demand of the Facebook these days. Facebook marketing has a new demand these days. CEO’s of multi-national companies are deliberately collaborating with Facebook to promote their product. So therefore, to promote the affiliate store, ShopMozo bring traffic from Facebook. Facebook holds 1billion active users in a whole. So you as a user must succeed in FB marketing to find success.

Prices and ShopMozo Discount

Shompmozo has to provide 3 packages. If you have one site, then license for one site is $17. If the product is bought for 3 sites, the price is $27. The unlimited site license is only $39.95 except the discount.

Hence, please purchase the reviewed cloud based affiliate store builder software with coupon offer and also have the ShopMozo discount.