Shoplez Discount and Have Special Coupon in 2019

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Shoplez Discount

Creating online stores is not a difficult task anymore. Shoplez has made this task even easier. This software will let you create and manage such stores within the Facebook Messenger. That means, anyone can use this to generate some profitable stores.

Review and Features of Shoplez

Nowadays, even a small business has its own social media pages. After creating a social media fan page, everyone tries to get as many fans and followers as possible. As there are so many fans, it is the best to utilize them properly. Shoplez arises with a very impressive facility. Everyone loves to use the Facebook Messenger. This software will let you use this messenger to create some profitable stores. Then it will drive a very big number of potential customers to the created stores. In such way, take the reviewed e-commerce cloud based app with discount and obtain the Shoplez coupon.

Very Easy Steps

I have already mentioned that Shoplez will help you to create some profitable online stores. First of all, you have to connect a Facebook account this software. Then it will let you convert your Facebook page into a profitable shopping site. Before that, the fan page must be configured appropriately. This task can be done very easily within the Facebook Messenger. While configuring a page, you can set the store name and different contact information. Every online store must have a welcome message. Shoplez will let you set that very easily too. Then so many products can be added to that store. And finally, a chatbot will start working for you to promote that store.


Shoplez Discount and Reasonable Pricing Options

Two different plans are offered for Shoplez. The Basic Plan is available for only 25.95 USD without the discount. This one will allow to create an online shop consisting only 10 products. It is capable of adding up to 5 Facebook pages. That means, you can use this for some small campaigns. Compared to this one, Shoplez Deluxe is more attractive. You have to pay only 27 USD to buy this one as per this post writing time. This product is capable of adding unlimited products for selling. And similarly, it will let you add unlimited Facebook pages. That is why, a big number of potential customers can be targeted to generate more sales.

Multilingual Facility

You may need to create different stores for the people of different areas of this world. That is why, it is very important to create these stores with some suitable languages. Shoplez supports more than one hundred different languages. For promoting a store, it is very important to send some messages to the potential customers. In doing so, there is no need to depend on any third party app. This software will let you send unlimited messages from your Facebook Messenger. And, these messages will have a very high opening rate.

Therefore, please gain with Shoplez discount and purchase the e-commerce cloud based app with coupon in 2019.