Server Intellect Coupon, Receive Cool Discount and Review

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Server Intellect coupon

Server Intellect is one of the very few companies which offer some Windows Server based hosting facilities. It has added some tremendous facilities to all its products. And to purchase these, you don’t have to pay a big amount.

Server Intellect Features and Review

There are so many people who like to work in Windows environment. For this reason, some companies provide Windows based hosting facilities. Server Intellect is one of these companies. As a specialized product, this company also provides a managed Azure hosting facility. You can get some public cloud servers from there. And some dedicated server hosting are also available here. So, acquire the reviewed windows & cloud server hosting solutions with coupon and obtain the Server Intellect discount. Some major features and facilities of these products are:

Managed Azure Hosting

We all know that the Microsoft Azure is a powerful cloud computing platform. Server Intellect provides a Managed Azure Hosting with tons of features. This company has a team of experts, who are working for managing the Microsoft Servers very efficiently. In this world, a huge number of companies depend on Azure servers. And Server Intellect manages a huge portion of these servers.

That is why, you can rely on this service provider without any hesitation. To get a complete oversight of any Azure environment, it is very important to have a reliable control panel. This company provides a powerful control panel for completing this task. This solution has an efficient Azure migration facility. Some reliable security and firewall facilities are also provided by it.

Cloud Server Hosting

Server Intellect provides a powerful public cloud hosting facility. And similarly, a reliable dedicated cloud hosting is also provided by this company. Both these services provide some impressive features. Both these services offer a powerful Windows server management console. For this reason, it will be very easy to manage the resource of any server. Monitoring of each of these is very important too. This solution will do this task continuously. It is fact that, disasters can occur in any server. To solve this problem, Server Intellect provides a powerful disaster planning facility. By dealing with this feature, you can get your files back after any kind of disaster. A powerful critical data backup facility has made this service more powerful.

Server Intellect coupon

Pricing Issue and Coupon

There are two different packages for the Managed Azure. Monthly package of this service can be purchased by paying only $150 per month excluding the coupon. The annual price of this product is more cost effective. As of 14 August 2017, this license will cost you only 1,188 USD per year. That means, the monthly cost in this case will be only $99. The cloud servers of this company can be purchased by very little price too. The smallest plan of this hosting facility can be purchased by only 99 USD/month. It provides 2 GB RAM, 100 GB storage, and 10 TB bandwidth. The most popular license of this solution can be purchased by only 279 USD/month. This license provides 8GB RAM and 10 TB bandwidth. You will be allowed to create a customized plan very easily.

In conclusion, please gain with Server Intellect coupon. Afterall, purchase the windows & cloud server hosting solutions with discount.