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SegMateApp Coupon

Are you ready enough about bot building and the subscriber management activity in the case of Facebook messenger marketing? Don’t worry at all. SegMateApp is here to support you with the needed functionalities from the core section. This is considered as a complete package which ensures chatbot facility for FB messenger marketing. In the current market context, this tool is a powerful one having required features. The main goal of this app is to achieve all the needed marketing goals while managing advanced bot technologies within FB messenger.

Overview of SegMateApp

If you wish to achieve the power of FB messenger Bots with required condition, then SegMateApp is the best platform for you. This one combines the task of interaction, automation and the engagement criteria inside your FB messenger. Therefore, you won’t need to depend on any other third party application. The entire activities can be controlled as well as monitored from the dashboard section. Within this platform, users can simply integrate text with personalization process like first name, last name etc. Then, images, cards, gallery, list items can also be attached. While integrating video, you just need to upload any specific video at first. Later, you will be able to use them inside this message or bot. Moreover, it also allows file management criteria which include an audio file. Accordingly purchase  the reviewed powerful FB messenger marketing platforms with coupon and obtain the SegMateApp discount.


Available Features Offered Here

Inside SegMateApp, the first feature is bot builder option. This process can be established by using drag and drop functionality. Here, no more manual coding structure is asked. In this section, nine different elements are available where you can also engage reply buttons. Whenever, this section is over, you can go to post engage module. This is defined like a commentary booth. In this section, you can use some common keywords in order to trigger any chatbot whenever any visitor makes a comment on your post. Then, there is the option for welcome messages module and persistent menu module. Therefore, keywords module, cast models, sequences module and subscribes module are also available within SegMateApp.

SegMateApp Coupon and Pricing

SegMateApp ensures 14 days free trial with 500 subscribers for every account and after that it asks $9 per month. If you wish to engage 1000 contacts, then you will be asked only $14 in every month except the coupon. This one is suitable for the beginner level marketers. To handle 2500 contacts, this asks $25/month. As a startup level firm or company, you can choose this plan. If you are running any mid-level company, then you may need to handle 10000 contacts in every month. In that case, it asks $65/month. The larger companies, 20000 contacts based plan is applicable which one is available with $125/month. For purchasing custom plan, you need to contact with SegMateApp.

Therefore, please gain with SegMateApp coupon and get the powerful FB messenger marketing platforms with discount.