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Second Copy Discount

We store different types of files in our computers. These files should be backed up by using a reliable backup solution. Second Copy is a reliable tool for performing this operation. This software is specially designed for Windows 10, though it also supports the older versions.

Second Copy Review and Features

Different types of backup tool providing companies are there. The most of these companies provide their tools for Windows 8, 7, and some other older version. But, now it is the time of Windows 10. This new edition of Windows operating system has achieved a huge popularity. And, its popularity is increasing day by day. But unfortunately, there are only a few specialized backup solutions for this operating system. That is why, you have to be more careful while purchasing any one. Second Copy can be strongly recommended to deal with the computers of Windows 10. This software comes with a big set of features. Therefore, please gain with Second Copy coupon and have the perfect automatic backup windows software  with discount.

Two-way Sync

Creating every backup manually is a boring work. That is why, Second Copy comes with an automatic backup system. It has a very easy setup wizard. You have to set this tool up for once. Then it will complete different tasks automatically. Different types of copy modes are added to it. This tool can copy, as well as move the selected files. During such an operation, it can also compress the files. Two-way synchronization is also a great feature of Second Copy. For this feature, it can make an impressive synchronization between the local and backup storages.

Second Copy

Second Copy Discount and Pricing Options

Though the set of features of Second Copy is very rich, its price is not high at all. If you want to get its single license, then only $29.95 should be paid without any kind of promo code. This unit cost will be valid till 4 licenses. After that, this cost will be reduced to only $23.95. If you purchase 25-49 units of this product, then only 21.60 USD should be paid for each license. Similarly, you can get maximum 250 licenses of Second Copy at a time. In this case, the unit cost is only 7.20 USD according to 5 April 2018. Sometimes, you may need to get more than 250 licenses at a time. In such a case, you have to communicate the support team of this product.

Some Advanced Features

I have already mentioned that it can compress a file while creating its backup. But, you can open that file in a compressed or non-compressed mode. Different types of restoring options are added to it. For different operations, it can send some email notifications. Second Copy has a smart backup facility. Whenever a file will be changed or added in your computer, it will automatically store that to the backup storage. It can also ignore every file that is added before or after a specific date.

In such way, please take the reviewed perfect automatic backup windows software with coupon and obtain the Second Copy discount.