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ScriptVocalizer Discount

ScriptVocalizer is a cloud-based software solution which applies advanced level deep learning technologies. With this technology, there is the way to synthesize the corresponding words that sound like any human voice. In fact; it applies the systematic formula of Amazon Polly. With this powerful tool, you will gain the functionality to speak any specific script in a natural way. To enable this task, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars now. Most of all, this is a trusted one tool by Amazon Polly.

Overview of ScriptVocalizer

ScriptVocalizer is considered as a leading one software vocalizer script. It can obtain direct access to Amazon Polly. Now-a-days Amazon Polly is the number 1 text-to-speech solution for synthesizing words. It uses all the advanced level technologies. The voice created by this tool is same like the human voice. In fact; this technology can’t be accessed by any third party app. But, ScriptVocalizer has broken this condition.

It has obtained direct access to the Amazon Polly’s API section. With this powerful tool, you will get the opportunity to export your voice into any video app which you want. After that, this will automatically save and store the created files into Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or related platforms. When this step is completed, you can download those voices to your PC, if it is needed. Accordingly purchase obtain the reviewed brand new cloud based SalesCopyMaker software with discount and gain the ScriptVocalizer coupon.

Available Features Within This

Step by Step Activities: ScriptVocalizer asks some simple steps to perform the full activities. At the initial step, users need to choose any specific language as well as the voice that you like. In the next stage, users need to paste the corresponding text. When, this process is completed, you have to click on create button. Above these steps will create unbelievable voices in a few moments. With the professional license of this, you can create voices not only for the business purpose but also for the clients.


Additional Facilities: ScriptVocalizer runs its activities from cloud section. So, users don’t need to download or setup any third party extension. Besides, it also supports more than 24 languages. As a beginner one online marketer, you can simply depend on this product to achieve your targeted goal. Most of all, this is also helpful for professional online marketers, business owners and the creators.

ScriptVocalizer Discount and Pricing

The front-end version of ScriptVocalizer is available with $9.95/month. You can also get this through annual condition. In that sense, you need to pay $69 in a single year except the discount. While upgrading into Pro version, only $67 is asked. This offers some additional supports while comparing with the front-end license. For upgrading into Agency version, $67 is asked. Every individual license offers needed customer support and up-gradation feature.

In conclusion, please purchase with ScriptVocalizer discount and get the brand new cloud based SalesCopyMaker software with coupon.