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Screenshot Monitor Coupon

Review of Screenshot Monitor

Screenshot Monitor automatically records and takes screenshots of employee’s work activity and time. This software is perfect for teams whose members work from different countries and places. Users can use Screenshot Monitor to easily manage members without needing to contact them one-by-one. This application continues to track members’ working time and captures the activity screen even when there’s no internet. And similarly, Employees without internet access can add offline timer to record their task time.

The system will automatically upload all recorded data to the website when internet connection is available. There’re also guides provided which aims to help new users learn how to work with the system. Finally, Blogs and Support pages provides various articles about coding, outsourcing and other tips and tricks. Accordingly purchase take the reviewed excellent employee monitoring software with coupon and obtain the Screenshot Monitor discount.

Invitations and Desktop Application

Screenshot Monitor requires users to invite their team members or employees for recording their work activities. Screenshot Monitor begins its tracking process as soon as team members or employees accept the request. Invitations are sent through email addresses and multiple employees can be invited simultaneously. Employees have to install the software to their computer and then login using their email and password. Employees can start their recording by pressing Start button which automatically saves their data and uploads it. There’re no fixed time intervals for taking screenshots, and hence, the working times are captured randomly. The application can determine when the users are working or not working on their computer. Therefore, the timer stops recording when it finds out that employees are away from their work.


Big Picture and Report

Screenshot Monitor provides a list view for users to monitor their employees and their progresses. The list view includes name of each employees, their activity screenshots, and working time. Users can also know if any invited members are active or inactive from their dashboard. There’s a Timeline given where users can check all working time on a monthly or yearly view. The timeline also displays the screenshots which captures as much as thirty screenshots per hour. Employees can also view the timeline and manually add their offline time information. Lastly, reports are delivered which includes information for total income earned, total time spent, and much more.

Screenshot Monitor Coupon and Price Plans

Screenshot Monitor’s Free plan allows three users to simultaneously operate, and it takes three screenshots every hour. Standard plan is $4.99 for every users where six screenshots are captured every hour without the promo code. Standard plan’s screenshots are stored in the software’s database for three months. Professional plan is $6.99 per users, and it captures thirty screenshots every hour. Professional plan stores all screenshots for one year, and it has URL tracking services.

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