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Screen Anytime and The Review

To record the user session, RemoteApp session and the RPD session in the video log based file, SA is a perfect one solution. These recorded files can be used for the monitoring activity, surveillance and reference purposes. The main goal of this tool is to record the screen activity with real time issue. The logged files will be saved in a secured storage system from where the authorized users can access and observe the corresponding tasks. In fact, it provides the centralized management system and the real time monitoring system of the screen. Enjoy the real time monitoring system and other features of it with the coupon offer.

Working Process of This

After completing the installation process of Screen Anytime, the users will get a shortcut icon of this recorder in the start section of Windows. When a Windows session will be started, this tool will start the recording activity until the session ends. This process is valid if the PC is logged in from local desktop or the remote desktop. Within this session time, this recorder will conduct the writing process of the needed data into the log files. The administrator can easily manage or review the tool for getting the summary of the available sessions. Get this comfortable-to-use product with Screen Anytime discount.

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Active Functionalities Inside This

Record and Replay: The available video logs under any PC contain all the changes occurred on the screen. In fact; the mouse movement, application running issue, audio or video file using condition will also be tracked down here. The administrator can access into the storage section for observing the specific log. The playback system is also available by depending on the user’s right.

Multi User Support: Screen anytime is able to support multi user’s policy. The video logs can simply be recorded in a separate way, if more than a single user is logged in. The access method like remote PC or local PC will also be tracked in the video files. So that the administrator can manage them later.

Centralized Log Files: Normally, the log files are saved in the local server section. But if the manager wants, then s/he can distribute the log files among the defined users.

Real Time Monitoring: Real time monitoring issue is an active one condition under this product. The admin users can observe the real time activity of the screen from the remote terminals. In fact; this issue is provided in Server edition. The best privacy method will be assured for the admin users and the local users.

Pricing Issue and Coupon

In case of getting Simple Edition of Screen Anytime, the users need to pay only $99/unit without the promo code. For Workstation Edition, you will have to pay only $199/unit and this is rapidly used. In case of Server edition, $599/unit is needed.

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