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Rohos Logon Key

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Rohos Logon Key Coupon

Rohos is a reliable brand for some very useful tools. Rohos Logon Key is one of the best products of this brand. It is capable of converting any USB drive into a logon device. A converted device can be used for unlocking a computer.

Rohos Logon Key Review and Features

There are different ways to lock a computer with a strong password. You can use the Windows default program to do so. Many people use various third party apps to lock a computer. But, a software based locking system may not be enough all the times. We forget the login password often. In such a case, Rohos Logon Key is extremely useful. This software will let you use your USB drive as a logon key. This USB key can be used when the login key is forgotten. So, please obtain with Rohos Logon Key coupon and purchase the Secure authentication solution with discount.

Two-Factor Login

The main advantage of Rohos Logon Key is it can use a two-factor authentication to access a computer. All you need to generate a strong password and load that in a USB drive by using this software. No matter how long a password is, the USB drive will remember that without any problem. Then, your computer can be unlocked only when that USB key is inserted. After inserting that USB drive, you just have to use a pin number, which is very easy to remember. There are different types of one-time password generator. Rohos Logon Key can load a password from such a password generator.

rohos logon key

Rohos Logon Key Coupon and Pricing Facility

You may need to purchase this product for only one computer. In such a case, only 32 USD should be paid except the coupon. But sometimes, it can be necessary to purchase this software to protect multiple computers. In such a case, Rohos Logon Key Pro is suitable. According to this post writing time, this software is available for only 59 USD. It is capable of protecting three different computers. No monthly or yearly fee should be paid to use this software. We know that, most of the mobile phone users prefer the smartphones. By considering this fact, Rohos Logon Key will let you use your smartphone as a USB unlock key for a computer. That is why, there is almost no chance to face any problem to unlock your computer instantly.

Active Directory Authentication

After purchasing this software, you don’t have to worry about protecting the Windows Enterprise Network. This product is capable of protecting such a network with ease. It can ensure a domain-wide authentication facility. That means, all types of workstations and remote computers can be unlocked by using Rohos Logon Key. You may find out some other tools, which can convert a USB drive into a USB unlock key. But, this software can convert the RFID industry card into a computer logon key.

In such way, please take the reviewed Secure authentication solution with coupon and get the Rohos Logon Key discount.