Rhino Support Discount: Get Fantastic Coupon and Pricing

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Rhino Support Discount

Review of Rhino Support

Rhino Support provides tools to allow instant communication between users and their customers and subscribers. Rhino Support delivers two types of communication facilities, and these are: Live Chat, and Help Desk. The Live Chat enables instant chatting with shoppers, and Help Desk delivers a systematic ticket system. The softwares blog section is called Rhino blog, and each blogs is separated as favorite and quick reads.

Favorite blogs have topics for PCI Compliance, Customer Service Tips, Benefits of chatting live etc. All favorite blogs are handpicked by the software to further enhance users’ ability to provide better customer support. Quick Read blogs are generally shorter, but equally effective for gaining important and crucial knowledge. Rhino Support also has a mobile application which includes smooth interface and canned responses. Hence, please take the reviewed powerful live chat & help desk solution with discount and obtain the Rhino Support coupon.

Live Chat

Rhino Support’s Live Chat lets users to instantly respond to all customer inquiries and questions. No customers like to wait for a long period of time to get their questions answered. Thus, Live Chat provides instant solution to communication which leads shoppers to purchase more than usual. It’s also stated that chatting visitors have eighty five percent more chance to buy the users’ product. Shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping cart if their purchasing issues are not solved immediately. These shopping issues can be price issues, checkout problems, unredeemable discounts etc. Hence, users can finalize their sales by reassuring customers with fair price or by giving them undeniable discounts. All this responsiveness will skyrocket the satisfaction level of customers which will result in continuous sales.

Rhino Support

Help Desk

Immediately responding to emails is effective only up to a certain point where customer inquiries are limited. It can be more harm than help if the user spends countless hours just to answer shopper questions. Therefore, Rhino Support has provided a Help Desk to effectively manage customer services and save time. The Help Desk takes a few minutes to setup, and its usability is efficient and extremely fast. Users can prioritize their customer support by using the One-Click Management System to deal with numerous tickets. Hovering the mouse pointer over the support subject will preview the ticket message without having to waste clicks. Lastly, the tickets is suitable by its date and activity, and it can be deleted or marked as important.

Rhino Support Discount and Price Plans

Rhino Support’s Advanced plan is $97 except the discount, and it handles up to four agents and manages two sites. Pro plan is $197, and it manages four sites while handling maximum ten agents. Business plan is considered a popular package for $397, and it has unlimited agents. A business plan also has an API integration, live chat system and it manages ten sites. Finally, the Enterprise plan is $697, and provides unlimited agents and limitless site management.

Therefore, please obtain with Rhino Support discount and purchase the powerful live chat & help desk solution with coupon.