Revealbot Discount: Avail Excellent Coupon and Pricing

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Revealbot Discount

Online marketers run different kinds of ads on different platforms like Facebook, and Google. And, they follow multiple techniques to deal with these platforms. It is possible to automate all these strategies. Revealbot is helpful to automate multiple ad strategies.

A Small Review of Revealbot

There are so many platforms for posting different types of ads. But, all these platforms are not equally profitable. Google Ads and Facebook Ads are undoubtedly two top platforms for all kinds of ads. That is why, it is better to automate different strategies on these platforms. There is no need to use multiple interfaces to automate these things. One single interface is enough to deal with both these. Revealbot provides such an impressive interface. Please acquire the reviewed automate social media campaigns management tool with discount and obtain the Revealbot coupon.

Efficient FB Campaigns

To automate Facebook ad campaigns, Revealbot comes with a top quality rule constructor. This rule constructor will let you control multiple actions with just a single rule. Such a rule will help set, change, pause, and start a campaign with ease. Similarly, you will be able to change the budget of a FB ad very quickly. Sometimes, it can be necessary to create duplicates of an ad. You can do that by using the easy interface of Revealbot. It is very helpful for finding out top performing ads. Then, you just have to spend more for those ads.


Google Ads Automation

Different actions of a Google Ads campaign can easily be automated by using this solution. Some of these actions are change budgets, bid adjustments, start, and pause etc. Similarly, this tool allows to apply various conditions. For example, you can use multiple time frames with ease. Comparing multiple metrics can also be done very quickly. Sometimes, you may need to set a group of conditions to work with a single strategy. This tool will help do that easily. Revealbot is helpful for setting a schedule. It will follow that schedule to check rules after a specific duration over and over again.

Revealbot Discount and Pricing

You have to select a suitable plan depending on the ad budget or ad spend. Suppose, your ad budget is only $5k per month. In that case, the monthly fee of Revealbot will be only $49 except the discount. If your ad spend is USD 10k/month, then its price will become USD 99 per month. In the case of USD $25k monthly ad spend, its cost will be only USD 199 per month. Similarly, you can get it for maximum USD 3M monthly ad budget. In that case, only USD 2999 should be paid to use this solution. Revealbot can also be bought by paying a yearly fee. In that case, the monthly cost will be lesser. There is a trial edition of this solution that can be used for two weeks for free.

Finally, we hope please purchase with Revealbot discount. Eventually, kindly get the automate social media campaigns management tool with coupon.