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Render Forest Discount

Review of RenderForest

RenderForest provides multiple online services including creating logo, designing websites, and creating promotional videos. RenderForest’s activities are performed on a cloud-based platform where product videos, wedding slideshows, kinetic typography etc. are made. This service provider has served five million clients, and have created ten million projects. Their services and projects have received more than three thousand positive reviews from multiple CEOs and founders. RenderForest have been awarded to be one of the world’s top one hundred software companies. Users can subscribe instantly by adding their name and email, and without needing credit card details. There’re over three million users at the present time, and about two hundred thousand sign ups per month. Hence, buy the reviewed powerful website & online animated video creating software with discount and obtain the RenderForest coupon.

Top Quality Logo

RenderForest’s ‘Make Logo’ section explains different types of designs, and allows users to immediately create logo. Users need to add their logo name, and give a brief description to receive their logo creation service. Then, logo will be created in minutes and soon their high-quality branded logo will be delivered. There’re six styles available and these are: Gradient, Solid, Flat, Solid shade, Filled line, and Linestyle. There’re also twenty thousand more unique artworks created by the design team and are available for use. Users have options to make their own logo directly from the website which takes only two minutes. All images are royalty free and are editable at any time, and these images are downloadable in vector formats.

Render Forest

Video and Website Design

RenderForest has a variety of premade videos that contains hundreds and thousands of scenes. 3D Explainer has seven hundred scenes including animated characters, and tons of alterable motion designs. Similarly, Whiteboard Animation toolkit has one thousand scenes and among them four-hundred fifty scenes are interactive. The duration of the users’ videos are flexible, and users can add their own music and narration. Website design creation has been simplified where users can select a template, edit their content, and publish it. Users will have their own best quality domain while the system takes care of hosting. Each website is built for desktop and mobile by a team of thirty IT professionals and designers.

RenderForest Discount and Price Plans

RenderForest’s free version gives five hundred megabytes of storage, free logos, and unlimited videos in 360p quality. Amateur plan is $14, and it allows five HD720 videos monthly and ten gigabytes of storage. Pro plan is $29, and perfect for YouTube videos where fifteen minute duration videos are creatable. Popular plan has no watermarks, allows twenty HD1080 videos monthly with forty gigabyte storage space for $39 without any kind of promo code. Lastly, Agency plan is $49, and allows one hour duration videos while providing one hundred twenty music tracks.

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