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Recruitee Discount

Recruitee Review and Features

Recruitee provides the users with the chance to design attractive job offers to bring the candidates to apply for the jobs. Every job recruiter likes to recruit the most efficient employee for their position. Therefore, the highly skilled candidate is required to be attracted to the jobs as well to apply for the jobs. Many job recruiters fails to design their job prospectus well and hire a skilled employee. Recruitee, in this case, will make this work easy and attract the clients to the jobs. So, obtain the reviewed talent acquisition & applicant tracking system with discount and avail the Recruitee coupon.

Benefits of the Program

Recruitee provides the users the editor for the career site. Users will easily be able to edit the career site with this application. Customers will be able to select what they want and do not want in their career site. The program provides the users the mobile-optimized site so that anybody can access the site. Nowadays, more than 50 percent of people access the website for mobile phones. If the users are not making the job sites to mobile-friendly, they will lose many potential candidates in a short time. Users can easily share the career site with social media.

Social media has one of the most active fan base and users. The new users or fresher’s like to use social media to connect and bring clients to the site. Linkedin has many potential employees who know how to present their skill set with the best of their abilities. Using Linkedin easy apply users will be able to bring some of the best candidates for the jobs. The program also provides the screening questions, so that users can hire the best fit of the clients. The screening questions will help the users to eliminate misfit clients. Users will save a lot of time to not do it manually.


Video Answers

Recruitee also provides a job site where candidates can post their videos. Candidate video is a good option to decide whether to hire the candidates or not. Candidate video options also help users to check the communication skills and presentation skills of the candidates. Users can select the key candidate and fetch their data with this tool using one click. This tool can be used as a google extension. Peoples just need to install google and use this program as an extension. Peoples do not even need to download this program at all. Users can bring talents from multiple sources to find diverse talent.

Recruitee Discount and Pricing

Recruitee has to offer 3 packages at the moment. It offers the professional, expert and corporate package. The professional package is priced at only 79 dollars without any kind of promo code. The expert package is priced at only 149 dollars. The corporate package has been priced at only 299 dollars. The corporate package allows the users to design up to 20 job openings.

In the conclusion, kindly acquire with Recruitee discount. Please avail the talent acquisition & applicant tracking system with coupon.