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RealVid Discount

Though there are various marketing contents, videos are still showing very good results. If you run a real-estate business, then videos can be used for promoting that business. RealVid is an impressive solution that helps create real-estate business promotion videos with ease.

RealVid Review and Features

Many people think that videos can be created by using professional tools that are very difficult to use. It is a fact that there are so many tools that are useful for creating promotional videos. As the most of these software and tools are very difficult to use, we suggest using RealVid. This is not a conventional video creating software. Rather, it is a collection of high-converting MS PowerPoint templates. This solution comes with tons of essential features. So, please get the reviewed powerful auction presentation system with discount and obtain the RealVid coupon.

No Software Needed

After purchasing RealVid, you don’t have to purchase any other video creating software. The MS PowerPoint is enough to create real-estate promotional contents. This solution comes with tons of PowerPoint templates. Each of these templates is useful for any kind of real-estate promotional campaign. First of all, you have to select a suitable template that is matched with ad needs. After that, that template should be customized as per necessity. There is no difficulty in this process. Just use that like an ordinary template and add necessary texts, images, icons, logos, and other elements. Then, that RealVid templates will generate a high-converting video. You are allowed to save that content in JPG or MP4 format.


Essential Packs

A real-estate business promotional campaign may require various contents. You may need to create social media covers. This product contains various packs. Among those, you will get separate packs for Facebook Cover, Twitter Cover, and YouTube Cover. Even, this solution has a separate collection of templates for YouTube thumbnails. Nowadays, video ads are very useful. You can use these ads for promoting your real-estate business. In doing so, the Square Size Templates of RealVid are very useful. These ads are suitable for placing on any website or social page.

RealVid Discount and Pricing

The pricing of RealVid is very impressive. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to create promotional videos anymore. This solution is available for only USD 25.77 without the discount. Its actual price is USD 57. But, this solution is available for a discounted price. With every license, there are so many templates. For example, you will be able to create 20 HD property videos with these templates. 20 stories video templates are added to each. Similarly, this product is very helpful for creating square videos. More importantly, RealVid will provide free templates in every month. That means, your contents will always look new. Different types of tutorials are also available. So, you can become an expert at real-estate business promoting in a quick time.

Finally, please obtain with RealVid discount and get the powerful auction presentation system with coupon.