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Readymag Coupon

Review of Readymag

Readymag provides drag-n-drop tools and full freedom to create an adaptive design for users’ website. The drag-n-drop tool will help users to focus on their work while adaptive design produces responsive layouts. Readymag have demos available for the adaptive design where it showcases a different ability to customize and edit templates. Users can select mobile, tablet or desktop from the editor, and fix font sizes with the sliders provided. There’re other options such as changing background, test previews, undo options, bold and underlined fonts, and much more. Users have access to lots of pre-built templates such as Sleek, Mars, and Cube Scroll etc. Users also have the freedom to create their own website designs, if they don’t prefer the existing ones. So, gain the reviewed powerful online web design tool with coupon and avail the Readymag discount.

Custom Domain, Analytics, Integration

Readymag allows customized domain name for the user’s profile page, and helps secure it with SSL certificates. There’s analytics available to track users’ visitors, hence, adding third-party tracker won’t be necessary. Users can smoothly integrate their project with YouTube, SoundCloud, MainChimp, Vimeo and many others without problems. Full password protection is provided for every publication so that users have control over sharing with specific people. There’re one thousand five hundred web fonts available from well-known providers like Typekit, TypeToday, Webtype etc. Personal font can be uploaded if suitable font is not found in the font library. There’re options for animation, where users have to select their trigger and choose one of many preset effects. Animation triggers can be loading, clicking, mouse hovering, and effects can be rotating, opacity, fading etc.


Teamwork, Retina Ready, Hosting Options

Readymag provides an online platform for users to invite their friends or colleagues and work on designing project together. The ability to teamwork and design webpage together will generate much more enhanced and well-built layouts. Users can host their projects on their own personal servers or can use Amazon Cloud. All the images being uploaded on Readymag’s template will maintain hi-res quality, thus, keeping everything retina ready. There’re forms provided to take surveys from visitors for collecting data, and for collecting email addresses. Users’ projects are downloadable as PDF format, and therefore, there won’t be issues with keeping backups. A help section is added to the software’s website to help with editing, publishing, and setting up profiles.

Readymag Coupon and Price Plans

Readymag has four plans where three plans include payments while one plan is free. The free plan allows each project to have ten pages, and only one team member. The Creator’s plan is $16, and it allows five teammates and twenty-five thousand page views. The Professional plan enables ten collaborators on a project, and includes code export for $64. The Custom plan has a starting price of $192 except the coupon, and it allows a custom number of team members.

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