RapidKey Discount: Get Cool Coupon Offer and Pricing

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RapidKey Discount

Time is the most valuable thing on this earth. Nowadays, we spend much more time on our computers than ever. That is why, you have to use some tools which can minimize the computer using time. RapidKey is an auto-texting tool, which can save a big time.

Quick Review of the RapidKey

In general, what we do on a computer? We type some documents by using our keyboards. We open some folders to access some necessary files. We make our computers to perform some other operations. All these tasks can be done by the conventional processes. But, these processes require more time. If you can use an auto-texting and macro solution, then a big portion of this time can be saved. But unfortunately, a big number of recommended tools are not there regarding this issue. Among all the available options, RapidKey is a very impressive one. Hence, get the reviewed neuber windows software with discount and obtain the RapidKey coupon.

Amazing Auto-texting

Generally, we use some phrases and passages while creating an email. Each and every time, we write these phrases and passages. RapidKey will let you save these texts. Then these texts will be completed automatically. All you have to do is to memorize a simple key combination. Whenever that key will be inserted, a desired text will be auto-completed. This facility will work on any Windows Application. RapidKey will also help you to select a unique key for every text.


Supports Various Macros

A macro is a small set of keystrokes. A specific operation can be performed by a computer if a macro is typed. RapidKey will let you set different macros for different operations. It supports various types of macros. Some of these are the keystrokes, mouse movements, and mouse clicks. Similarly, this software will also let you access some important folder and files very easily. A specific icon should be clicked to access these folders and files.

RapidKey Discount and Pricing

Sometimes, you may need to use an auto-texting and macro tool for some personal projects. In those cases, the Single User License of RapidKey is suitable. This one can be purchased by paying only 19 USD as per 4 April, 2018 except the discount. But sometimes, you may need it for several computers. In such a case, the Site License of this product is recommended. This license comes with a volume discount facility. For example, if you need this for 1-9 computers, then its unit price will be 19 USD. But, if it is bought for 10-49 devices, then this unit price will be reduced to only 9.50 USD. Similarly, it can be purchased even for 1000 or more devices. In that case, you have to only 2 USD per computer. That means, purchasing RapidKey for a big number of computers at a time is more cost saving.

Therefore, kindly obtain with RapidKey discount and please have the neuber windows software with coupon.