PushTraffik Discount: Grab Amazing Coupon on Price and Review

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PushTraffik Discount

Marketers get more leads and traffic by using various methods. One of these methods is to send push notifications. These things can easily be created with powerful software. The name of that software is PushTraffik.

Features and Review of PushTraffik

Push notifications are very effective if you can generate these things carefully. Otherwise, these may cause lesser traffic. That is why, our suggestion is to choose a reliable tool to generate and post these notifications. PushTraffik is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to create these. This software comes with lots of important features and a training facility. More importantly, it is an affordable solution. Hence, please take the reviewed powerful push notifications platform with discount and obtain the PushTraffik coupon. Let’s see some of its important features:

Send Push Notifications

Push notifications are very much effective for generating and driving traffic to a money site. But, these notifications should be created efficiently. Instead of creating these manually, marketers like to use reliable tools. PushTraffik is a very impressive solution to do this task. This solution is capable of creating fully customizable push notifications. Multiple layouts will be provided by it. You just have to choose the suitable one for a project. Each layout supports a custom logo option. It is possible to add any logo to that option. If you create such a notification by using an ordinary tool, then that will not work on every browser. But, the push notifications created by using PushTraffik will work on all browsers. Similarly, there are several computer and mobile platforms. Your contents will work on all those platforms without any problem.


PushTraffik Discount and Affordable Pricing

Two different editions are available for this amazing solution. The Basic Edition can be bought by paying only $37.99 without the discount. You will be able to use it on 5 different websites. This edition is capable of sending up to 100 notifications per day. Sometimes, a marketer may need to work with more websites. In that case, the Advanced Edition of PushTraffik is recommended. Only $39.99 should be paid to purchase it. This one is suitable for dealing with 50 websites and 1 thousand daily notifications. Along with this license, you will get a powerful WordPress plugin. Both these editions are GDPR compliant.

Advanced Scheduling

Push notifications should not be broadcasted always. Rather, you have to show these to your visitors so that they get interested, not disturbed. That is why, an advanced scheduling system is necessary. PushTraffik has that facility. A user is allowed to customize every option of this fully managed solution. As it is a cloud based software, there is nothing to download or install for running it. This software has some additional facilities too. For example, you can send promotional messages on Viber by using this software. We know that there are various text message marketing providers. Some of these providers are SMSGlobal, ClickSend, and Clickatell. PushTraffik is able to work with all these platforms to send SMS.

Therefore, please gain with PushTraffik discount. Eventually, purchase the powerful push notifications platform with coupon.