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PushPrime Discount

Review of PushPrime

PushPrime allows messages to be not only delivered, but also be read and seen by all audiences and followers. The simplicity of PushPrime is overwhelming as stated in application’s website where users only have to type, send and repeat. In a time where email marketing is considered a hindrance rather than being useful, the push-notification system is game changing. Usually, service providers deliver their push-notifications in a spammed and bland manner which is limited to specific browser or OS. However, the difference with this application’s push notification is that they are made compatible for all browsers and operating systems. There’re colorful and interesting icons added with each notification so that customers never feel bored or uninterested. So, get the reviewed responsive WordPress website with discount and gain the PushPrime coupon.

LeadPages and Arcaplanet

PushPrime has case studies that focus on improving leads gained by users by giving it a boost of twenty-five percent. The LeadPages case studies are responsible for the increase and upgrades in click rates of users’ landing pages. This means, if users have clients who’re worth $1000 at the moment, then over-time 25% boost will make it $250000. PushPrime’s second case study called Arcaplanet is fully driven by the aim of converting massive visitors into loyal subscribers. Therefore, having loyal fan-base not only guarantees a fixed increase in profit but it also assures permanent growth in business. Other additional study materials have Credit Loan explanations where tactics to increasing 22% revenue are discussed.


Simple Initiation

PushPrime’s step one is selecting the desirable platforms as to where the user wants to provide their push notification services. After basic selection is completed, next is adding the information of the users’ business website and the API credentials. If adding information and credentials feels overwhelming, the software has tutorials to guide users all the way through. Finally, users can add their contents from different content options, and immediately rush to operating after copy-pasting the code given. Once logged in, the dashboard will show users’ total customers, total notifications sent and delivered, and the total clicks. For better graphical representation and clear and precise understanding of the situation, there’s a subscription graph on the dashboard.

PushPrime Discount and Price Plans

PushPrime’s 1000 plan is $47 while Unlimited plan is $57 except the discount, and unique plugins, extensions, and icons are added as bonuses. 1000 plan delivers one hundred thousand notifications and has a capacity to have ten thousand subscribers, and allows single website. Unlimited plan delivers limitless notifications, and simultaneously allows limitless websites and subscribers, and both plans support custom styling. For bonuses, five hundred gradient icons, exclusive Magento and Joomla extension, and WP plugins are available.

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