Proxify Coupon, Obtain Attractive Discount and Review in 2022

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Proxify Features and Review

Sometimes it is very important to hide the IPs while using the internet. If you do so, no one will be able to detect you have visited the website via internet. There are some companies providing this kind of facilities. One of those is the Proxify. This company has been providing the anonymous proxy service for many days. Using the anonymous proxy, you can visit the websites without a problem, but no one can detect your original identity. So, please purchase the web privately and securely software with coupon and get Proxify discount. Let’s have a look at some of the features of this fine service:

Basic and Pro Editions

The Basic Edition of this tool actually offers the core features and it is perfect for single users. It can prevent the network traffic monitoring the hide your information. Very unique proxy system is offered by the Proxify. For the reliability of this product, it is used in more than two hundred countries all over the world. The Pro Edition of this Product has so many impressive facilities. You can use this to securely surf the web for finding out the geo-locations of the websites.

Similarly, it can be used for researching on the competitors. And the competitors will not be able to know you are monitoring them. This anonymous proxy service is very much useful for the verifications of the advertising campaigns. Proxify Pro has come with very impressive and easy to use software. It is perfect for both the commercial and personal users. The anonymous IPs will be provided for more than 1.3 thousand locations of the world. So there will not be any chance to find any information about you.

Proxify coupon


One of the finest products of the Proxify is the SwitchProxy. This is a reliable anonymous proxy service which is recommended for the larger agencies, for the market research and screen scraping campaigns. That means, you can use this for dealing with the competitive intelligence. This service is completely scalable. After paying the money, you will find it available all the times. Actually a HTTP Proxy Server will perform all the times to offer you this service. Instant location switching is one of the best features of this product.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Coupon

The Proxify Basic is the cheapest product in terms of price, not the features. The price of this service starts from $20 per month excluding the coupon. The Pro Edition has several plans for different types of customers. It can be purchased with $50 for single user. But for more number of users, unit costs will be minimized. If you purchase this for 5 users, the total price will only be 215 USD. In case of 10 users, the cost of this one is 400 USD. Similarly the ProxifySwitchProxy also has so many plans. The smallest of them can be bought by 100 USD per month. It can deal with 432 thousand request in each month.

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