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Provide Support Discount

Providing customer support has become very important nowadays. Every customer may need to get help from a special team. So, you have to offer a proper solution, through which the customers can communicate with your support team. Provide Support is a reliable solution for this task.

Provide Support Features and Review

Every small and big companies provide a decent customer support. Their customer can chat with the support team very easily. Many people think that providing this kind of service is a difficult task. But, it is not that much difficult now. There are so many customer support solutions available in the market. One of these solutions is Provide Support. It comes with tons features and facilities. But, its cost cannot be considered as very high. So, take the reviewed live chat wordpress plugin software with discount and get the Provide Support coupon. Some major features and facilities of this product are:

Easy Live Chatting

This solution offers a very efficient live chatting facility, which can easily be integrated with your site. For providing this kind of services, there is no need to install any kind of software. As your target should be a huge number of customers, this solution can work with multiple chats at a time. Sometimes, one operator may need to chat with another operator. Provide Support will let them do that with ease. During the chatting session, branding of your company is very important. For this reason, this solution allows to use different kinds of chat icons. You will be allowed to invite the customers into chatting by sending customized messages to them. Post chat survey can also be done by using Provide Support.

Provide Support

Provide Support Discount and Flexible Pricing

This solution has achieved huge popularity for its flexible pricing facility. Small Business Plan of this product is available for only one operator. It can be purchased for one month by paying only $15. If you purchase this one for 3 months, then only $35 should be paid. Similarly, its 6-month and 1-year plans are available for 60 and 99 USD respectively without any kind of promo code facility. Provide Support Corporate License is for 3 different operators. Its monthly cost is only 30 USD. Similarly, Enterprise Plan of this product can be purchased by paying only 60 USD per month as per 18 November, 2017. This solution can also be bought for more operators.

Some Other Features

This product has a built-in visitor monitoring tool. It can automatically create a list of visitors. Geo location mapping is another useful feature of this solution. It will help you to track the locations from where many visitors are coming. Provide Support automatically starts when the operating system starts. Popup and sound alert will be provided by this solution automatically. Wrong spelling during chatting looks very odd. To solve this problem, it provides a powerful spell checker. This spell checker can offer its facilities for 12 different languages. It also supports multiple user dictionaries.

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