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Project Wizards Discount

Planning, executing, and managing a project is very much difficult if you don’t have a reliable project management solution. Project Wizards support some top quality project management tools. These tools are mainly for the Mac users.

Features and Review of Project Wizards

Controlling a single project is not that much difficult. You have to set one goal and some milestones. And, then these tasks should be divided among different employees or partners. The thing becomes difficult when you have to deal with a very large project or so many projects at a time. In this case, it is best to use a project management solution. Project Wizards provide some good tools for this purpose. If you are a Mac user, then these tools are strongly suggested. Therefore, gain with Project Wizards coupon and please have the project management applications with discount.

Merlin Project

One of the most popular products of Project Wizards is the Merlin Project. For any Mac user, this software is an efficient project manager. It helps at every stage of planning, controlling, and managing any kind of projects. First of all, this software will help you to set some activities in a hierarchical order. It is capable of dealing with all kinds of simple and complex procedural structures. After setting some activities, it will help to set a duration for completing each of these. By this way, your project planning will be completed very quickly. This product of Project Wizards comes with a rich library. This library is full of different types of structural components, which can be used for generating some complex project structures.

Project Wizards

Merlin Server

This is another impressive product of Project Wizards. Merlin Server can be considered as the CNS of a project. While running a campaign, you may need to change some plans or data. Changing these things is not the only important thing. These changes should be communicated with each of your team members. Merlin Server will do this task in real time. It can send them the changed through their Mac, and iPhone as well. Similarly, this software of Project Wizards allows every member to access the project progress anytime from anywhere.

Project Wizards Discount and Impressive Pricing

After considering the features of Merlin Project, you may think that it is a costly solution. But actually, it is an affordable one. As per 25 April 2018, this product is available for only $289 without any kind of promo code offer. It has a volume discount facility too. That means, its unit cost will be reduced for multiple users. Similarly, Merlin Server is also available for only $289 for a single user. Instead of purchasing these two products separately, you can purchase these as a bundle. Project Wizards provides the Startup-Bundle, which can be purchased by paying only 1,599 USD. This bundle includes 5 licenses of Merlin Project and a single Merlin Server License, which can be used by 5 users. Clearly, it is a cost effective option for any project manager.

Accordingly purchase the reviewed project management applications with coupon and obtain the Project Wizards discount.