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Review of the Presentation Pointer

An ordinary presentation will not be able to grab much attention of the audience. That is why, you have to make that more attractive. Various effects can be used for making the presentations more appealing. The Presentation-Assistant offers some amazing solutions. Among those the Presentation Pointer is very useful. This product has some impressive features and affordable pricing options. This is more useful for the corporate persons and the teachers. All types of students can use this product too. In this short review, almost all the main features of this solution have been highlighted. If the review of Presentation Pointer interests you, then have it from our site with the provided coupon service. No coupon code is required to get the discount on Presentation Pointer. Here are the features:

All Useful Effects

The pointer and mouse click effects will be provided by the Presentation Pointer. Highlighting of the mouse movements can be done with this. For each of the mouse click different colors and circle can be seen on the presentation screen. That will draw more attention of the audience. The Presentation Pointer will also let you apply the animation effects, sounds and spotlight effects. This software also has the capability to display the keystrokes. You don’t have to show all the keystrokes all the time. Only the selected keystrokes can be shown on the screen during the presentation.

Live Drawing Facility

For the better understanding of any presentation, sometime some figures must be drawn. The Presentation Pointer will let you make the drawing on the screen very easily. Both the horizontal and vertical lines can be drawn with the help of this product. And another important feature of this product is it will let you remove the drawing very easily. So you can easily back to your original presentation instantly. The Presentation Pointer will let you zoom in and out the selected window of the screen. Compare to other similar type of tools, this product is really easy to use. All the effects can be handled by just using the hotkeys.

Coupon and Pricing of This Product

All the Presentation-Assistant products aver completely affordable. For the Presentation Pointer, you don’t have to pay much. First of all, you have to choose the suitable license considering the necessities. The most popular plan of this software is the single user license with Lifetime Upgrades facility. The cost for this one is only 49.95 USD/computer. Some of the users do not need the upgrades and supports for a lifetime. They may be happy with such facilities for 1 year. For them, another license is available for 29.95 USD only without the promo code. The Portable License of Presentation Pointer can also be a great choice for you. According to the date of writing this post, the price of this one is only 69.95 USD. The customer can use this on any computer. The Business Site licenses of this software are available with attractive pricing also.

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