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PowerPointPipe Lite

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A Short Review of PowerPointPipe

It can be said undoubtedly that the Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular app for creating presentations. There are so many tools which can be used for managing and customizing such presentations. DataMystic is the software company which are offering some amazing software for the MS apps. The PowerPointPipe is the search and replace for the MS PowerPoint files. With the help of this one, you can easily search among all the PPT files for specific phrases. And then the phrases can be replaced with the selected new phrases. Similarly, this product has so many other features to describe. Get a taste of those heard and unheard features at a cheap rate with the PowerPointPipe discount. Get the coupon following the above mentioned method and no coupon code is needed in this regard. Some of those are:

Fixes the Broken Links

One of the main features of the PowerPointPipe is it can fix the broken links added into the presentations. This feature will be very helpful when you will change the name of the file server. PowerPoint has its own link updating option which can be annoying sometimes. This software has the ability to stop that when necessary. There are very few tools which can replace the texts inside the OLE links. The PowerPointPipe is one of those tools. Translation facility is undoubtedly another nice advantage of this product. For the other languages, you can use this facility very effectively.

Fast and Efficient

Quickness is the main impressive thing in all the products of the DataMystic. PPP is also very speedy. It can replace the phrases of hundreds of files in quickest possible time. And the accuracy level of this one is also very high. Across the multiple files the part numbers can be needed to be changed. This software will help you to do so. PowerPointPipe can easily import the list of search phrases as well as replace phrases from the excel files. It can replace the phrases among all the slides, presentations, text boxes, titles and inside code modules.

Suitable Pricing Plans and Coupon Service

For some software, it can be seen that there is only one type of license of that. And if that is costly, most of the customers cannot purchase that. DataMystic is well aware of this problem. That is why this company offers several plans for each of the products. The PowerPointPipe also has 4 different editions. And for each of those, there is volume discounts facility. Price of the Lite Version of this software is only $99 and it is for a single user without even including the coupon. The main limitation of this edition is it can work with 100 files in one run. The PowerPointPipe Full has not had this problem. And that is why the price of this one is $299 only as per this post writing time. Floating version of this product is for multiple users and it can be purchased by 749 USD. With very much attractive price, the Server Version of this software can also be purchased.

So, get the product at a smart price with the discount offer. This PowerPointPipe coupon will come in handy in saving some money and give you a good product experience at a low price. That’s what the customers expect.