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PostViral Discount


PostViral Review

PostViral will show the method to the users to get traffic from the Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social site at this moment. Millions of people use Facebook. So the chances to create profit from Facebook audience is very high. In order to create profit from the Facebook, users need to use this application. The program will help the users to push their content in social media. So using PostViral will help the users to gain exposure on Facebook. Hence, buy the reviewed technology on facebook marketing tool with discount and obtain the PostViral coupon.

Core Abilities

PostViral offers the users to force their content go viral. As we have discussed before, the power of Facebook is really high. The power of Facebook is even higher than YouTube in certain extent. It is because there are 200 billion people who actively uses Facebook. If the post of the users gets viral in the Facebook, it is for sure the sales will increase high. In order to gain views, this application will help the users to push the videos in the home page of traffic. In addition that, users do not need to work hard for anything.

The program can be set to do auto reply for any comment made in the post. The auto reply will directly reach to the FB Messenger of the users. So users do not need to worry about replying to each and every viewer personally. When the commentators get the reply personally, they may feel valued and they will feel more energized to comment next time.


PostViral also automatically opens a channel for the potential customers. When the potential customers are added to the page, the interaction with potential customers can be more. The potential customers will be informed about all the packages fast. So possibility to make sales faster. The generation of leads with email subscribers can be high. The comment monetization is one of the opportunities that has been provided to the users. It means users will be paid money based on the comments come to the site. The program will create the loop which is powerful enough. It will help the visitors to engage to the website easily.

Facebook Rank

PostViral will help the users to get high ranking on Facebook. The Facebook ranking is one of the most essential things in order to reach to the maximum customers. It can be done using this tool. One of the system of this tool is that users cannot get your content without liking and commenting to the post. It will force the viewers to like and comment on the site.

Pricing Plans and PV Discount

PostViral has 2 different packages to offer. There is a pro package that is priced at only 21.95 dollars. The unlimited plan priced at only 31.95 dollars for the users excluding the discount facility.

Therefore, please purchase with PostViral discount. Also have the technology on facebook marketing tool with coupon in 2019.