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Post Gopher coupon

Review of Post Gopher

Creating a website is an effective method to interact with customers and audiences through blogs and articles. Writing blogs ensures that audiences are fully informed regarding specific contents while being fully engaged as well. But in order to reach out to the maximum number of audiences, it needs to go viral. Making it viral requires that a large number of customers get access to such blogs and thus gets to read it. There are plenty of blog boosting services out there but very few are recommended. One such highly recommended service provider is PostGopher. PostGopher helps in transforming blogs and pages into PDF files to east reading experiences for users. You can get PG with the coupon. Enjoy this Post Gopher discount today. Let’s look at some of the features provided:

Automated Post and Page Converter

Reading blogs and articles online all the time can be quite a hassle. More often than none customers tend to download PDF files and read it to gain maximum information regarding any product. Downloading PDF files makes pages and blogs accessible anytime, anywhere through their device. PostGopher provides the ultimate solution to tackle such problems. PostGopher automatically converts users’ blogs, pages and post to be transformed into PDF books. That platfrom is no requirement for the user to have any high level technical skills. There is also no need to learn any type of coding whatsoever. All of this is super easy to use and it is done completely automatically.

Automated Messages and Captured Leads

After the initial transformation of pages and posts to PDF file, PostGopher then seeks out to gain leads. Through a fully automated process this software helps in increasing the number of subscribers onto one blog post. The converted PDF file links are then delivered to readers and potential customer through an automated process. This makes the whole process a lot more productive and efficient as there won’t be any need of sending messages one by one. To view the most successful and popular post there is a statistical display available for the users. This helps in gaining information on what the customers like and prefer without having to survey individually.

Post Gopher coupon

Pricing Plans, Benefits and Coupon of PG

PostGopher has three types of packages available for purchase. Single-Site package can be purchased for $27 excluding the coupon which is installable on a single blog. Multi-Site package can be purchased for $37 which is installable on 3 blogs. Unlimited Package can be purchased for $47 which is installable on infinite numbers of blogs. All of these packages provide one year support along with upgrades. There is also a 60-day refund available for users if they are dissatisfied with the product.

In conclusion, please purchase the cool plugin with our discount. Hopefully, the Post Gopher coupon will be enjoyed by you.