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PixelSlides Discount

Review of PixelSlides

Every day, presentation slides are created for purposes like university presentation, business presentation, and easy explanations for various topics etc. There are numerous apps which help users to create slides for presentation, but very few allow users to add animation. Also, the ones that do allow animation in presentation requires many hours of manual work. In the modern times, time is crucial and everyone is trying to utilize their time efficiently. Taking the value of time into consideration, PixelSlides helps to create amazingly beautiful animated presentation with sixty-five percent more efficiency. PixelSlides has a handful of templates design variation along with numerous special effects for presentations to stand out. So, gain take the reviewed design templates & marketing graphic tool with discount and obtain the PixelSlides coupon.

Easy System

PixelSlides’ system is built smartly so that anyone with basic computer knowledge can create their own animated presentation. The very first step to make a stunning presentation with animation is selecting the best matched video for users’ project. Inside the software there’s a library with video templates available, and from that library users can select their desired video. Then there’s the option for customization where users will add and implement their text or images, and change the color. The customization part depends completely up to the users and how they want their design to present itself. And then, the final part is producing the presentation video, and saving the video in high-definition quality. The templates, and drag-and-drop functions makes it way easier than it should be to create one of these video presentations.


Theme Module Variations

PixelSlides delivers a total of ten templates for PowerPoint, six hundred unique slides, two thousand copyright-free stock images, and more. There are two types of color schemes available with each template, and there are thirty plus slides for each theme. Mega Barrel is a professional presentation theme that is suitable for engineers who are working with mega structured building. The modern and colorful theme types of Mega Barrel have slides with black-white-green color combination, and blue-black color combination. Firma Usaha is a theme for creative businesses, and Gowes is a theme for Community Presentation. Firma Usaha’s Modern Version has slides focusing on orange-black-white colors, and Colorful Version focuses on green and blue color mixture. Gowes’ Modern theme is related to nature color, and Colorful theme has purple and blue mixture outlook.

PixelSlides Discount and Price Plans

PixelSlides’ Personal Use pack is $24, and Commercial Use pack is $29 except the discount, and there are five value modules with each. In the first value module, users are given promotional business videos for real estate, and event promotion. In the second and third value module, there are premium photos, and uniquely designed flyers and posters provided. Finally, in PixelSlides’ fourth and fifth bonus package, there are well crafted rolled-up banners, and monthly gifts delivered.

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