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Pinnacle Cart coupon

Overview on Pinnacle Cart

Nowadays everything is getting online, so as the marketing systems. At present there are a lot of e-commerce platforms, but Pinnacle Cart is totally different from all of those. Cause this software platform is built for 100% utilization. This software is built in that way to make business perfect from the starter planning to yearly business revenue for e-commerce. The software can pre plan before starting your e-commerce site. And even calculate the yearly revenue that cane from the e-commerce website. So, please purchase the eCommerce shopping software with coupon and get Pinnacle Cart discount.

The software is fulfilled that no new provider is required. The best thing about this e-commerce website is that the total software platform is designed in a way that makes it 100% customizable on demand of the customer to satisfy their demand. This is so much editable that source code to tools everything can be modified as users want. This software platform is based on WordPress source. This software platform has the ability to cross match your software to your store. Even this software has that management system to look after all your sites including your store. Pinnacle Cart has its own in house designer and developer for the website. Thus, all these make this product a reasonable choice for creating e-commerce website and business.

Features of the software

Pinnacle Cart is loaded with a lot of interesting cool features. Firstly the installation process. The software can be installed very easily by any user on the computer, then the website setting up is easier. Select domain and design that. There are a lot of templates available in the store, you can select anyone. All the templates are designed by professionals in CSS/HTML/W3C/XHTML. As it’s fully customizable user can select up any design and modify that. User can use the image management tool that can do magnifying, zooming, lightbox etc. Upload and image tags for getting better viewer.

The best thing about the Pinnacle Cart is that there is an in-build SEO tool. It helps to get the website content on the top of the search result which drives more visitors to your website. This SEO tool also adds your website in Google shop for content. Pinnacle cart has its own product merchandising system which enables product marketing along with management.

Pinnacle Cart coupon

A unique feature of this product is this software is that wholesale plug is available. You can make up a group of products and add that to wholesale for fast selling. Pinnacle Cart is loaded with extra responsive customer management. With this you can keep track of all your customers. This software can check the inventory of your products, it looks if a product is out of stock and needed to refill. And an in-build payment system is also included.

Price of the software

The software Pinnacle Cart is developed in several plans. The strata up plan is worth about only $29.95 per month, $59.95 for small business, $94.95 for entrepreneur, $149 for enterprise.

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