Picreel Discount, Grab Remakable Coupon Offer and Review

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Picreel discount

Engaging the potential customers with some valuable offers is very important for getting success in any business. By this manner, you will be able to convert your potential customers into actual customers. Conversion rate optimizing solutions can be used for doing this task. Picreel is one of those tools which can do it very efficiently.

A Small Review of the Picreel

Every visitor will not come to your website for actually purchasing something. By monitoring their activities, it is possible to find out the potential customers. And you have to engage those potential customers by showing them some amazing offers available on that site. None of these tasks can be done manually. A full-featured solution is required for these. It has come with all the necessary features for increasing the conversion rate. So, please purchase the conversion rate optimization software with discount and get Picreel coupon. Main features and facilities of this product are as follows:

Create Popup Overlay

Whenever a visitor will attempt to exit from your website, they can be attracted back to that site. For doing so, a popup overlay can be used. It will help you to create these popups very easily. You can add different attractive offers to those popups. Hence, there will be more sales and profits. Capturing new leads will also be possible for this feature. Picreel has also come with the ReelLinks tool. This tool can show selected popups whenever a visitor click on some specific links. This feature is useful to drive the customers to another page.

Reasonable Pricing Plans and Discount

Four different plans are available for the Picreel. You can purchase those on a yearly basis or monthly basis. In this review, per month cost of each plan is mentioned according to the yearly billing system. Starter License of this software is available for only $14/month and it is capable of working with 3 thousand monthly visitors. People can use this on only one domain. Basic Plan can be used on 2 domains and can deal with 10 thousand monthly visitors. The Monthly cost of this one is only $52 except the discount. Similarly, Plus and Pro Plan can be enjoyed by 112 USD and 299 USD per month. Plus license is for dealing with 50 thousand monthly visitors. On the other hand, Picreel Pro is suitable for working with 300 thousand monthly visitors. You can use any of these licenses for running unlimited campaigns.

Picreel discount

Make Effective Surveys

Customer feedback is always important for any business. You have to know what they are thinking about your website. And then, you will be able to make some necessary changes there. For doing this task, Picreel is very effective. It can provide precisely targeted forms to all the customers. There few questions can be added. Customers will feel free to express their feelings about your website. You can also offer such form to only a specific group of people. It supports various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Weebly, and WordPress etc.

Therefore please get with Picreel discount. Buy the conversion rate optimization software with coupon.