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PicMarkr Pro and The Review

To protect the digital pictures through adding the watermarks, many types of programs have been developed. The tool is an active one among all of them. It assures the users to use the visible watermark inside any picture. You can apply this tool in the pictures stored in the hard drive or the Flickr account. In adding the watermark in your picture, you can use images, text, logos or the tiled watermarks. Almost in any section, you can apply the watermark. While using this tool, you will be able to protect your personal picture in a safe mode. More than 500,000 Flickr users are using this tool for managing the watermark image addition process. You can enjoy this features easily by purchasing PicMarkr Pro with our coupon offer.

Why this Tool?

PicMarkr Pro approves the way to add the needed digital watermark in any image from any Flickr account. This will simply help the users to save the personal images. Then, it manages the way to replace the Flickr images with the watermarked copies. While using this, you will be able to change the corresponding size of any batches containing the photos in a single time. Then, all the pictures inside any batch can be rotated easily through this. After that, you will be able to add the text, comments and logos in any picture quite comfortably. To rename the picture, some few clicks are needed here. Then, the watermark templates can also be added here quite simply. Start enjoy the product features today with PicMarkr Pro discount.

Key Functions Offered Here

PicMarkr Pro fulfills some simple conditions in protecting the photos. At the initial level, you will just need to import the corresponding picture as well as the photos from the hard drive section of the PC or Flickr account. Here, you will be notified at the time of specific file browsing. Then, you will get a simple interface section for the flexible controlling system. From this section, you will be able to add the image watermark or the text into the corresponding pictures. In this section, you will get some professional templates for adding the text watermarks. These default text watermarks can be changed or customized according to your need.  The attribute of the watermark can easily be customized here. Here, you can manage the transparency, background or the fonts of the text watermark from the corresponding tool.

Facilities, Pricing and Coupon

This is very helpful for the Flickr users. The Flickr users can easily import the pictures in the watermark addition process and this process is handled here without any hassle.

Pricing condition: For getting the full version of PicMarkr Pro, the users need to pay only $29.99 without the coupon. This includes all the corresponding up-gradation policy for a single year. In purchasing this, you can use all the renowned payment procedures.

In conclusion, adding digital watermarks to the images yours in Flickr have gone easier with our discount offer. We expect that you will avail the PicMarkr Pro coupon.