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Review of phpFox

Nowadays, since discussion boards are turning out to be ineffective, social networking platform is where most audiences are inhabiting. For any businesses, regardless of the company’s size, it’s highly advised to create social network website to stay in the competition. Hence, phpFox is here for delivering all basic necessities that drives audiences to use social-networking mediums for building communities online. Everything that are expected from these online communities like: chatting system, friendly layout, and other engagement utilities, are delivered by phpFox. This software confidently guarantees a smooth website performance even with all the resource demanding modern tools and various online characteristics. Lastly, users who like to bring their vision into reality can always customize whatever they feel like changing. Hence, gain the reviewed excellent social network software with coupon and obtain the PhpFox discount.

Engagement and Social Network

phpFox understands that, there are various forms of engagement tools needed for various kinds of communications. For communication and discussion among a large circle of users, group creation is made possible. Sometimes there are things that are better off said in private, hence, private messaging feature is given out too. Other accessible methods for engagement are blogs and forums for likeminded discussions, and announcements, newsletter for real-time updates. In order to socialize on the internet with known people, ability to add friends is available. To make socializing online interesting and for knowing what’s going on in everyone’s lives, activity display is provided. Lastly, to keep the social platform free of toxicity and harmful contents, reporting function is provided for malicious materials.


Monetization and Gamification

As social website is being built, there needs to be a system to earn income off of it. Therefore, monetization characteristics are delivered by phpFox in the form of direct payment like member subscriptions and marketplace. Marketplace system is targeted towards individuals who quickly wants to buy or sell off their desired items. With the subscriptions, users will have their passive income flowing-in while marketplace will allow a percentage based income through services. Other means of income, such as adding advertisement campaigns under sponsored area is available for maximizing revenue earned. Users have to give something to their customers and audiences to keep them constantly using the platform. To keep them for a longer period of time, the rewards can be handed out to all members.

Price Plans and PhpFox Coupon

phpFox’s Lite plan is $299, while Basic and Pro plan is $399, and $539 without the promo code. Lite plan’s highlighted functions are ability to add photos, music, and work with numerous groups and pages. Basic plan offers functions such as working with blogs and forums, and taking surveys with polls and quizzes. Pro plan has chat system available, and allows addition of advertisement contents, subscriptions, and has services for backups. phpFox’s support is always reachable through the community along with priority ticketing system which lasts up to two months.

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